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It is an anecdotal talk about how to find pride in what you do. The speaker himself was a college undergraduate. He did not do well academically due to his lack of interest in doing school. He was shy when he started his junk removal business. However, with the support of his wife, he was able to make it through and end up wealthy.

He highlighted on rewarding yourself with luxury. Enjoy every moment of a pricey dinner. It is not about the glamour of spending but with higher living standard comes your inner motivation to earn more. Another thing he emphasized is to dress up for success. Suit your wardrobe with the situation you are into.

You can reap monetary success with the way you run your business. Increase your network. Reach out as many contacts as you can. Acquire the merits of your success by investing in fixed assets like an airplane, which cost him one hundred fifty thousand dollars. He finds it a wise business expense to cater to his company’s needs for swift mobility. Business diversification can become an option to grow your financial ability. Reaching your market in the right way will surely make you go places. In a nutshell, he values doing business conscientiously and takes pride in it.

What’s up, guys? I had a pretty decent day today until NC State lost in the SCC Tournament and on a Wednesday evening, I don’t think I’ve ever even shown you our plane. Here is our airplane. We use it to get to our Charlotte location and visit national accounts and all that kind of stuff I think I have mentioned that before and I’m kind of just getting everything pretty flawed and making sure everything is ready to go for tomorrow. That way in the first thing tomorrow I can hop in it and get on to Charlotte. I’ll be there when all those gas check-ins who always try a couple times a week. You know once-twice a week a flight to Charlotte and see if we can get those guys checked in to make sure they’re doing everything they’re supposed to be doing. We have a functional group of guys there, but you always have to double check and make sure everything’s getting done.

What I want to talk about a day is to be proud of what you do. Not only as taking pride in the work you do as far as making sure you do a good job but be extra proud of what you’re doing with the junk removal business by going out and being an entrepreneur and being willing to work hard and take chances and put capital at risk. You’re doing something great you know something you should really be proud of. I remember when I first started Junk Doctors it was almost like I was ashamed of but my wives always believed in me. We were boyfriend-girlfriend of that time, and I was relatively young; I was 21, and I did a little out of college and then dropped out of it. And when I went to college, and it really paid a whole lot of tension and I didn’t get excellent grades, and I skipped class quite often because I wasn’t really interested in what’s going so that people can think people kind of looked at me as a failure since I didn’t finish college. The research triangle area is one that’s very much you expected to go to college you have NC State University, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Duke, Wake Forest, and a lot of other universities in the immediate area. And the majority of people in the RTP area have a college degree I think it’s some like 70 percent of adults have a college degree. And I didn’t but I grew up around wealth, in a lot of the people that were wealthy like the man that owns this airport right now is one of my good friends. This is where I live too, I love to own an airport, and it makes super convenient to do my daily routine. Being in the shower and just lay in the bed sometimes, I lay in bed for 45 minutes after I have awakened and just think about stuff think about ideas to share with you that could lead to success and things I’d like to try.

I take care of that and then either if it’s cold I’ll take my truck. But most time if it’s decent you know warm weather will help him a golf cart and drive up here to my hangar. You know get to the plane out of pre-flight before so I take off I’m sure on, 35 minutes that usually are 2 hours and 45 minutes’ drive there in about 35 to 40 minutes so I can be in time. So, the time I leave my house, I can be in our office in Charlotte you know within an hour because only about a 10-minute drive from the airport to our office. That’s an awesome tool to do Junk Removal, and Junk Doctors allow me to get this. But junk removal allowed me to get this airplane, but it has nothing to with Junk Removal Authority. Part of that was being around wealth and understanding that all it takes is hard work and smart work and being disciplined to get wealth. And one of the things I hate doing it and I used to do it some and then people around you know my wife did it so I would talk about something being expensive or would talk about. You know talking about how somebody else has so much money, and you know that you don’t have like you know? I can’t really give a good example right now. If you go out to a nice restaurant, and you tell somebody about it don’t be like oh so expensive! Don’t think that way if you think that like everything you do is expensive that you’re going to think about your income is less. What you need to do is get to the point where you make enough money that when you go to these more expensive restaurants like around here, there’s an Angus bar you know you’ll spend $250 for two people. You should be able to go there for a decent amount and not have to complain about the price you should be told he buys real expensive you say “Man that’s awesome.” The doors at the start were great the service was phenomenal the steak that filet mignon and I could just take a fork in just ease down into that, and only the flavor was succulent, and you should be anything about price, it’s about value. Be proud of what you do you’re genuinely doing that a lot of people aren’t willing to. And even when you’re on the truck be really proud about what you’re doing. One thing I would suggest if you know to dress for success you know that that does make you feel better about yourself. I didn’t use to dress as good as I do now, you know I wear a polo shirt actually before I started Junk Doctors and before I started dating my wife and I used to have like an old greasy Earnhardt t-shirt, holy blue jeans, and stuff like that. And when I started dating her, she cleaned me up a little bit. But you know I’ve always been about self-improvement you need to be to be very proud about what you do and dress for success and make sure to wear your Junk Removal uniform. And it is very nice it should be a good polo, and I don’t like jeans you know nice black work pants or khaki pants. You know depending on your company colors.

Then when you’re out, when you’re not on the truck you should dress nice. Wear nice pants or nice slacks and a lot of times I wear a sports coat on regular days or could just be in your suit or sportscoat and sometimes I’ll wear a tie just to meet people in all that. And that makes you really think very highly of yourself and we all going to look down on that and I used to be like that. I mean if he dresses like that and does any work, and that’s not the case. You know you get to the point you need to have you do the work you need to dress appropriately, so you only think that you need to dress like the rest of truck crew dresses. But if you’re in sales meetings and getting networking events and speaking in public. You should probably dress better than most people do. And you need to be about the best-dressed person in your line of work in your particular area anyway, and you’re going to think of yourself and get to produce a lot more.

Then again money is there for the taking. Just build your business to where you can you reach as many people as possible do a great job. Help more people. It’s going to lead to more money. Right now, I’ve got this plane right here is about a $115,000 business that’s a business expense all we use for business 100 percent business so everywhere we’re going with this plane is business related. If somebody needs to buy a new piece of equipment, we fly there to take a look at it to drop somebody off so they can bring it back. We visit our locations, and we visit national accounts, and anything we do on this is business related.

A $115,000 plane right here. But if you walk up to some of these airports you can see other people that have 15 to 20 million planes. But I’m perfectly comfortable sitting there even though I’m nowhere close to being able to afford a 15 or 20-million-dollar plane yet. I can talk to those numbers too. I really can, and it’s not like it amazes me, and I’m like man that can’t be done. How to do it. And just look at the guy with jealousy or whatever. What I look at him was like man this guy got it figured out what is he doing to get to where he is and what is he doing that I could do to get to that level. So, I look around to check the prices of this plane, but at this point, I can’t get one right now. But I am aiming and raises my level think high enough to where one day I’ll own a jet and the only way to get that is to help tremendous amounts of people. So, I want Junk Doctors to remove more junk than anybody else from Junk Removal Authority. To help more junk removal businesses become successful. You know hundreds and hundreds and thousands of them will businesses throughout the country throughout the whole world become successful. The only way I’m ever going to get to a jet and even then, that’s not going to be enough. And that’s going to be investing in real estate that’s another thing we’re looking at doing and just having multiple flows of income that come in and doing a great job on every single one and providing excellent value.

What some people think of rich people is like crooks you know that for them to have gone to where they did that they must have stepped on a bunch of people to get it. And that’s generally not the case. Yes, there are some out there, but the main thing is they need to figure out that something provides a big-time service to people. And they figured out how to reach a considerable number of people that do excellent work. Like the JRA finally doing an excellent job of the is going to get out and people are going to partner with us. And you know there is a chance of ever getting something like a jet and making your dreams come true. But just all Junk Doctors we were able to get a plane like that I was able to move out into this private airstrip in North Carolina. Christian my business partner lives on a golf course. I’m 28 and Christian is 26. Junk Removal will be a great thing if you stay proud of it. If you think of it as a business and not as just on the truck all the time you think of as a bonafide business, then you can’t. You know one thing to do, is to do well on Junk Removal.