Most people have this backwards. Practice patience for the long term and impatience for The short. Lee explains.

Hey guys! What I want to speak to everybody about is patience. Patience is something that a good and bad thing. What do I mean by that? There’s an old saying, that patience is a virtue. That’s correct sometimes, but in other times you need to be impatient. You need to be, you’re rushing into stuff. You need to be moving quickly. In business there’s also a saying you’re either the quicker or the dead and that’s 100%t correct. So, patience is important in business for the long-term view.


A lot of people are impatient on things that they should be patient on and are patient on things that they should be impatient home. For example, the short-term stuff you need to carry out. The day to day stuff. If it’s fixing a truck, let’s say a tarp goes out on a truck. If it’s meeting with your accountant to get your taxes done. If it’s getting a hiring that out because you need to hire more people. If it’s you need to move into a new office spot, you need to buy another truck. You’ve got a job that needs to get done that very same day. A job pickup that same day. You need to run to the grocery store. I’m pulling out the short-term stuff. You need to meet with somebody.

The Need for Patience in Business

You need to make a phone call. You’ve got it. You’ve got somebody that’s interested in one of your services, they told you to call them. It’s easy to be patient and talk yourself out of doing that saying, “Hey, I’ll do it the next day.” It’s easy to put off yard work. It’s easy just to sit around for an hour, put off yard work and be patient and put it off the next day. People can go either way on this. Let’s say you’re getting a project done. You’ve hired somebody, let’s say to build your website. Some of these website people, they will be like “Well, give me two months.” To build a junk removal website, two months is way too long. You need to be impatient on those. You say, “No, I need the site in six weeks. I need to site in a month.”  You need to get updates to make sure that stuff is kind of going off as planned. Hold people to their deadlines. You need to be a little bit impatient there. If you’re paying a good price, you need to be impatient.


Patience comes in to long-term. Too many people, they want to get to making $50,000, $70,000, $100,000 or $300,000 a year. They had this number in mind that they want to get. They want to feel successful. However, they define success. They’re impatient on that. You need to be patient on some of your long-term goals, but impatient on the task it takes to get them. For example, let’s say you’ve got a goal. You want to get to a million dollars a year income.


What are the steps that you need to take to get to that? Let’s say, you want to get to a million dollars a year income or you want to have an organization in multiple states. You want to reach whatever you define as success and have a successful junk removal business. Let’s just lower the numbers a bit here. Successful junk removal business, you want to get to $100,000 in income per year with your junk removal business. You’re not going to do that in just a couple of years. You’re not going to net $100,000 in a junk removal business in just 2 years. You might on your 3rd year in operation. What’ll happen is people will get impatient because they’re not getting the level of income they want soon enough, but at the same time there’ll be patient on the tasks that are required to get to that point.


So, you set this goal. Let’s say if you’ve been making $20,000 or $25,000 a year on some job and you want to make $100,000. That’s a pretty good goal right there. You go out and set this goal, but then you’re not sticking with your to-do list. You’re not making a to-do list. You need to know exactly the steps you need to take to reach that goal. Every day you got to be banging on all those tasks. You got to be taking care of them. Don’t get patient. Don’t set a time like you don’t think you’re going to get off right at 5:30 and just go home. If your tasks aren’t done at 5:30, you need to stay however long you need to stay to get everything done. I do that with JRA and Junk Doctors all the time. Anything we have business related, I list everything out on my to-do list and I leave whenever it’s done. I leave when that list is completed or I leave the office to go home to eat dinner and maybe spend a little time with my wife and I stay up until 2:00 in the morning getting those tasks done. I finished my to-do list before I go to sleep at night. I do whatever it takes, I get it done. That’s what you have to do to achieve that goal success. I’ve got a massive target for success and income. It’s way up there. It is something that could potentially be done in a year, but if I don’t hit it in one year, I’m going to be patient. I’m going to still be patient. I’m going to be impatient on the day-to-day task in order to reach that big goal. I’m going to be impatient on the day-to-day tasks, but I’m going to be patient on the long-term overall task. That’s so important in business.


Working On Your Business

This is not going to happen overnight. If you come to us and you want to buy a JRA business package. We’re going to give you all the tools you need to build a business where you can have several hundred thousand dollars a year income without having to be on the truck. Having freedom in your life where you can leave and go on vacation. Go to kids’ ball games or whatever you want to do. You’ll have the freedom in your life. It’s not going to happen overnight though. When we project, we give out projections. Financial projections are best guesses. They can vary either direction. When somebody comes to us interest in a business package depending on their market, we’re going to roughly say “You’re going to cashflow around $20,000 on your first year.” We are a very ultra-aggressive business model.


If you’re going to be on the truck or if you’re going to be actually on the truck, it can be closer to $40,000. Cashflow, your profit on your tax statement would be higher because that doesn’t take into account. Principal pay downs on truck payments and all that sort of deal. Figure $20,000 if you’re off the truck $40,000. Second year, you’re probably going to need to add a second truck. Your cashflow on that year is going to be about $45,000. You’re no longer going to be able to be on all the jobs at that point. We’ll say $45,000, filling some of the jobs. You may be about $60,000 or $65,000. About $60,000 is what you can expect to make in the second year. Your third year in operation, you have a reasonable shot in making anywhere between $70,000 to $100,000 a year off the truck. Then it’s going to continue up from there by your fifth year in operation making $200,000 a year.


Cash flow is doable, but five years is a long time. I look back at it all the time. It seems like we spent building Junk Doctors and we’re in year 6. It seems like a tremendous amount of time. There was a lot of years that I could have gone and gotten a job somewhere else and made more money. You’ve got to be patient on everything you do with this stuff. If you’re not patient, what you’re going to do is you’re just going to quit too early. You’ve got to be patient in your long-term goals. Be impatient on your day-to-day task. Everybody, I’m going to tell you right now. It’s easy when you see these guys that go out and they invent Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Uber. They go out, become billionaires and they’re not even 30 years old.


It can be discouraging, but very few of those guys ever make it that big. Most people that become super successful, well-off, rich or whatever you want to define that. They live a rich life and free life. They are the guys that put 10 to 20 years into their business and more. They keep right on going. They always grow. They stay patient on their overall target. The guys that get into trouble are the ones that go out. They take out way too much debt at first there or they quit before they’ve even really given themselves a chance. This is a long-term deal. You are not going to quit your current job. Start a junk removal business or going pretty much any business on your own. You’re not going to quit your current job and make what’s your making on your first year or more than what you’re making.


If you’re making $15,000 to $20,000 a year at a job, you might make a bit more than that when you start your first year in junk removal. If you’ve got a big goal and big income figure you’re going to hit, it’s not going to happen. Again, I’m going to hit it one more time. Say it one more time. Be patient on your long-term goals. Be impatient on your day-to-day task. I hope that helps out everybody. We got some important announcements. One, we will be coming out later this evening and I hope to be hearing from everybody. Some very exciting stuff going on JRA. We’re being impatient on those day-to day-task. Trying to get everything out as quick as we can. We’ve got a lot of big goals. A lot of big service offerings we want to bring out. It takes time to put together. We’re going to be impatient on the current goals and we’re going to be patient on the long-term ones. Thanks guys!