When major changes and decisions need to be made then get away! Always take the time to go to a place to clear your head so you can make wise decisions.

What’s up guys? Hey, a quick little video here. I mentioned earlier, we’ve got a lot of stuff with junk removal authority we’re working on. One of the videos I’ve done in the past, I talked about vacation and this isn’t a vacation. This is a little vacation, coming down the runway right now. Leaving the house. I got Rudder, my Australian shepherd dog down there. Me, my wife and Rudder will go in the airplane. We will go to the beach for the weekend. Just mainly working weekend though. Going to do a lot of planning. I do my best thinking and sitting on the beach. We’ll do a lot of planning. We got a lot of ideas for JRA to help a lot of people out and we kind of break those down into individual pieces. Prioritize what we’re going to do next. That’s what we’ll be working on.

The next video that I will shoot. It’s probably coming from Atlantic beach, North Carolina. I might be sitting out there. We will talk to everybody real soon. If you’re off work today, you know we’re not off work. I’m not on the truck today. Days like this are pretty days going in the middle of spring. Always try and find time to think about your business. Your business and your life, what direction you want to go in. A lot of us would get wrapped up in the day to day operations. We hammer and sometimes you need to take that step back. You think about what’s going on. A lot of times you got to leave home. A lot of times you can’t do it at home. If you’re at home, you’re close to what’s going on. So, we always like to slip on down the beach or out of town. Down to Florida. Plan on this trip just came up. A lot of thinking to do. I need to go to the beach. That’s where we’re headed. We’ll talk to everybody real soon. Get this bird ready and head to Atlantic beach. We’ll talk to everybody soon. Thanks guys!