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What’s up guys? It’s a Friday evening. I’m heading to social event right now. One thing I want to talk about, always check your fuel report when you have fuel credit cards and you let your employees and all to use those cards to fill your trucks up.


One of the nice things about having diesel vehicles is the fact most of your employees do not have a diesel vehicle. What we got is we got one of our employees that is been using our fuel car to buy unleaded gas. It’s pretty easy to figure out when I’m sitting here looking to the fuel report. All of a sudden, I see we get 87 octane. Unlimited regular 87 octane. The price is $2.27 a gallon and diesel are $2.27 a gallon.


He’s filling it up about every 10 days for a 30 day stretch. That pretty much tells me that we’ve got a guy that’s taking our fuel card and he’s filling his own vehicle up. We’re going to check. We’ve already got in touch with the convenience store. Luckily, the way everything lined up. He’s going to do it. He did it yesterday most likely. I’m checking the report here in a bit. Those numbers should be in here soon. They will be able to pull the security camera and find out exactly who it was. I got a suspicion because we lined up the days. All that happens is there’s only one guy. There’s one guy that lines up on each one of those days. We’ll make sure you want to verify with footage if needed. The nice thing is he worked enough hours that we can back that fuel that he stolen off of his final check.


Obviously, he’s going to get let go. It is nice. Always check your fuel reports to make sure that the fuel is being only bought on days it should be bought and the times it should be bought. They’re only buying the correct type of fuel and nothing else. Also look for food. Make sure they’re not purchasing any food inside the convenience store. You got to be careful especially when you have multiple locations. Guys will steal from you. They think they’re sleek things and they can get away with it. You got to make sure you stay on top of them. Put systems in place to keep them from having.