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Hey guys! I had a quick thing I want to touch on everybody with. I’ve had some comments and questions about AdWords. Some people are just starting AdWords for the first time. They’re like “It’s extremely expensive”. AdWords is expensive. You need to be tracking your return on investment, your ROI on AdWords job. You need to understand how much it cost you to do a job. What your average job cost is and compare that to the cost of your advertising to figure out how much you’re making and losing.


One thing I want to tell everybody, you will waste tons of money. We screwed up when we had an AdWords campaign. We did it for a long time. Like I was talking, one of the reasons it benefits to partner with JRA is because this is something that actually took us 5 years to learn and cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.


You do not want to have your campaign show on what’s called Broad Match Keywords. You want your campaign to only show on exact match keywords. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of explanation as to what that means but when you are working with a good AdWords company. They’ll know it. There are about 10 phrases and that’s high. Somewhere around 10 phrases or under that, 90% of your customers are going to search for your services. Those are the only ones you want to show. Otherwise, you will wind up spending as much if not more on broad match keywords that only bring you 10% of your business.


Make sure you’re set up as exact match only. You’ll lose a little bit of business. What I’m talking about is for example, we were wasting almost 10 grand. $10,000 on broad match keywords per month. It is $120,000 per year. We were throwing out the door. Giving way charity to Google. If you want a charitable partner, Google it. Google makes too much money anyway so don’t be sending it to charity to Google. Make sure you have exact match not broad match keyword set up. That’s something that we’re able to help you out with. If you want to work with us with your AdWords. You can also do it on your own. Just do some research what exact match and broad match. I tell everybody, you need to understand AdWords. Don’t just blindly turn it over to any company including JRA to do your AdWords management. Understand it, know how to work it. If you want to partner with another company to get better results then that’s great. Otherwise, you will wind up and have no idea what they’re doing. It’s too broad. A little tidbit from JRA. Give us a call +1 919-466-9322. If you got any questions e-mail me at [email protected]. Follow me on Facebook Lee Godbold and Twitter @LeeGodbold.