Most of what we do throughout the day makes little to no money but has to be done to ya e access to the 15 percent of the day that does.

Hey guys! Good morning everybody! I hope you’re doing great. TGIF today. Thank God, I’m free. I hope everybody’s doing wonderful today. In business, just like in baseball. You’re not going get a hit and you’re not going to get a home run every single time and every single job. With Junk Doctors, about 85% of the jobs we do because we got multiple crews out there running, expenses and all of that multiple trucks. 85% of the jobs we do. We make very little money.


A lot of the jobs we do, we make no money at all. Some jobs we even lose money on. You do those smaller jobs, it is less profitable jobs to set you up to get the big jobs. When you get those $1000, $2000, $8,000 and $20,000 job, $20,000 job is rare but the $5,000, $6,000, $7,000, $8,000 jobs come up. Probably at least once a month we’re going to have a $5,000 junk removal job. This excludes demolition. All the smaller jobs you do have set you up to get that larger job. So, all the exposure you’ve put out there. All the advertising you’ve put out there and everything. You could very well lose money or just break even on some of those jobs, but you’ve got to do those jobs. You have to have that exposure because if you don’t get the exposure out there for the small jobs. People that have the big jobs aren’t going to find you. If they do find you, you’re not going to have the personnel. You’re not going to have the number of people, trucks and resources to get those jobs done and the required timeline.


In any business, I’ve got a friend that owns a construction company. They’ve got cranes and all kinds of stuff. They hang pre-cast, stone panels and they do other types of stone work throughout the North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. They do these smaller projects all the time. He tells me all the time that “We do these smaller projects and we break even.” He goes into it, looking to break even. To keep his crews busy. To make sure he has those resources. To keep his cranes running. He gets all of those expenses paid for, likely breaks even on 85% of the jobs he does. Maybe even 90% of the jobs he does, but then he got those 10% jobs that profit a million or 2 million bucks total. So, all of that work he did has set him up for the big hit.


Too many people are trying to hit a home run at every at-bat. It’s going to kill your batting average guys. If you’re always swinging for the fences, it’s going to kill your batting averages. You’re going to put your team in a lot worse of a position than if you were going up there swinging for a good average, good hits, single double, bat some run or whatever. When you get that perfect pitch and when that thing is right in the sweet spot, you just recognize it coming out and you’re there to hammer it home. Knocking a bunch of runs all at once.


So, where I’m going guys is you got to get exposure for your business. You have to be out there. You’ve got to be willing to advertise. You’ve got to be willing to hire people. This is one of the hard things. People are like “Man, on average I’ll go out there and I’ll profit $150 bucks a job if I’m on the truck. Depending on what type of advertising you’re doing. If you’re going out there doing Craigslist jobs and all of that, you’d probably average $150 to $200 profit per job. On Junk Doctors, our average profit per job is probably about $190 to $200 and that’s with two guys on the truck. It used to be a much less than that. Few years ago, when we didn’t have as many previous customers, it was like $60 to $70 per job and that’s not a huge margin.


Three years ago, we probably had 4 crews running, doing five jobs a day. That’s $1,200 profit if they’re doing 20 jobs at $60 each. $1,200 profit right there. We weren’t on the truck at that point. You’ve got to put off some short-term gains to get the long-term gains. What’s your financial goal? Set your financial goal and then do the math. What is it going to take you to get to the level of income you want? $100,000 a year, to make $100,000 a year you’re going to struggle to do it by yourself on the truck. I won’t say it can’t be done, but it’s going to be very tough for you to make $100,000 by yourself.


What do you have to do? You have to go out there. You have to get more customers. You have to get more crew members. You have to get more trucks and work your way up. What’s your average profit per job? If it’s $100 profit per job, you want to make $100,000. Do the math. It’s probably not going to be $100,000 when you first start out. You’re probably not going to get the volume of business that you need at $100 per profit per job. If you have two people on the trucks, you’ll probably going to be closer to that $60 to $70 range. Think big guys. Put off the short-term for long-term freedom, long-term success and long long-term goals. 85% of what I do, day-to-day makes me no money at all. That other 10% or 15%, I got to knock out of the park. What you’re doing now is your day-to-day tasks. The smaller jobs are setting you up for the big ones. Get out there, get known. Get jobs booked, do them. Small and large ones whatever because it’s going to set you up for the Home runs. Talk to everybody soon! You all have a great day.