One thing that’ll cause me to flip out is if I hear one of my people answering the phone ask if we can do a job that same day. The answer is YES! All the time. This video will cover why being able To go same day is huge for your business.

Good afternoon. Hey guys, good afternoon! It’s going to be a quick little video here. Same-day service you got to be doing it. When I’m out of the office or whatever. I’m always listening to our phone conversations, because we record all of our phone calls through our call center. I’m listening to them. I’m trying to make sure that our people are answered our phones and are not telling anybody. We can’t get to them that very same day. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re telling everybody as soon as they call, we’re trying to book them for that same day. It could be more beneficial, more profitable for us to do it on a different day and then the customer might not want to go to the same day. That might be too soon, but if we have a customer that calls up and says they have to get it done same day, I’ll get people.

Sometimes people will stop and they’ll ask a dispatch and do another pick-up. Dispatch, we’ll think about it. I’m like, “hold on a minute.” There’s two things going on here wrong. I’ll stop right at the middle of a phone call, I’ll stop. I said there’s two things going in the wrong. One, you shouldn’t even have to ask ATC and dispatch if we can get to them same-day. Two, I was looking to dispatch now. I said you shouldn’t even have to be thinking about it. The answer to that is yes. You tell the customer if they have to get done. “Yes” Then dispatch figures out a way to make it work. You got to be doing same-day services.

Now, your one truck operation that might not be able to happen. You don’t want to commit to doing something that you have no possible way of doing it, but if you’ve got multiple trucks running. There is a way, one way or the other that you can find to get that customer in. If you’re one truck, if you have to do it at midnight and work all the way to midnight, then you talked with them and say, “Yeah, we can get there.” It’s going to be midnight, but we can do it. The customer is probably won’t be okay with that, but you’ve got to be that committed to being able to do same-day service. Twenty percent of our businesses, same-day guys. That means if we do $2,000,000 in revenue. We give up a 20 percent of that. So, it would be $400,000 that we give up if we didn’t offer same-day. I’m always telling my people, “Yes, we can do same-day.” Find a way, I don’t care how. Get it done! That’s how you need to approach your business with same-day removal. If you start being able to keep up with same-day removal. Before you know it, you’re going to be adding more trucks, and people. That 20 percent of the business you all been throwing out the window is now using you again and is now referring business over to you. Don’t give up on the same-day business. Find a way to make it work. Find a way to make it happen and get that money. Talk to everybody soon.