As Christian records an episode of Junk Removal Made Simple Lee talks about the importance of you offering demolition yourself... a 17 mobile home demo project we’ve got coming up will PROFIT over 20k in just two weeks of work. Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

What’s going on guys. It’s a Tuesday morning here in North Carolina. I want you to look on the ground. You see that white stuff that. Look at that dandruff snow. Snow in North Carolina in March. It just doesn’t happen. I think it happened last year too. It was like two years in a row. Then it’s been years and years and years before than that since we had any snow in March. Behind me, in our studio. Mr. Christian Fowler is getting the front of the camera for the first time for an episode of Junk Removal Made Simple. Christian is the head of our demolition department. Today’s episode is on demolition. We’re excited to bring this to you because a lot of junk removal companies do not cover or do not do demolition. Sometimes they’re scared of it. Sometimes they just don’t think about it. There was tremendous money in it and it is great money. There’s not a whole lot of competition. There’s not a lot of people doing it. It is fun and you knock it down. Christian, he’s the head of our demolition department. He’s going to be covering some great points on how to estimate some demolition jobs. We’ll get some more demolition footage. We posted a job we did last week to YouTube.

Very briefly instead of a GoPro so we can actually get a lot more footage. Just today we had somebody call in. Somebody passed away, an attorney. State job, 17 mobile homes on a property that the family is selling. That particular job, 17 mobile homes is going to be around $45,000 per mobile home. Christian does all the estimating on that. I’m doing some quick mental math. That’s somewhere around $75,000. We’re going to make it a minimum of $1,000 per trailer. Probably more like $1500 per trailer. The profit on that job is somewhere between $17,000 and $23,000 right in there. That particular job would take about 2 weeks so in two weeks we’ll profit $20,000. After everything’s left over and that’s if this crack goes wrong. Whenever we estimated demolition job we estimate worst-case scenario. So, that’s if we blow hydraulic lines. If we get stuck and have to get pulled out by a tow truck. Just whatever tool breaks, we have to replace it. All of that is factored in to the cost of that demolition job. We always factor it. We always estimate those jobs on worst-case scenario. Don’t skip on price. A lot of times people are really happy to have a good quality. One of the ways we got that particular job was off of AdWords. That is how we got that job. $20,000 profit off of our average jobs. We can manage your AdWords if you’re looking. I hope everybody had a great day. Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you can. Christian’s video with demolition will be done soon.