Check out some crazy AdWords search terms we’ve seen in the past in this video.

Good morning guys! I hope everybody is doing great today. Hey, I’ve got a report here March 2017. These are some wasted Ad spends on some of our campaigns we were running. As we were perfecting this campaign. All this wasted stuff has gone now. We can replicate it throughout the entire country. Took us 5 years to really figure this campaign out. Let’s look at some of these search terms of what it cost us for them to show.

Let’s see something right through here. We’ve got space debris removal. It might be a good to have in Arizona, but not very good in North Carolina. We got somebody looking for some booty in Charlotte. $3.98 that costs us. We got some dirt hauling services. Starting construction debris removal company might be relevant for JRA, but not for Junk Doctors. We got fast food a lot. That appears a couple times, costing us a right there it’s about $22. All this stuff added negative keywords as we went along, so we built this huge list of negative keywords where almost all wasted ad spends are completely gone. It takes years and years to do that. I literally every day going through negative keywords. We’ve got Fontana Wisconsin furniture movers. Again, none of our AdWords ads show out of our area.

How did that slip in? Just Google stuff like that. It’s always going to slip in and that’s why it’s almost impossible to do a very good AdWords campaign on your own. Google wants you to spend more money. That’s the other thing you got to remember. Google wants you to spend as much money as possible because most of their revenue comes from AdWords. We’ve got a junk collector. We’ve got a lot of mobile home stuff. We got some car stuff. I can guarantee anything to do with cars has been a negative keyword, but it still pops in there. Ikea store, getting rid of oil stains, buying junk appliances and residential weekly trash removal. All this kind of stuff, these are negative keywords that appeared on Google. This is the kicker down here. “White girls got junk in the trunk.”

We all love white girl from junk in the trunk, but $12.96 not on the phone will pay $12.96 for somebody else to find it. You know what I mean? All this kind of stuff right here though, I will tell you that if they’re looking for the white girls with junk in the trunk. I want to be able to go this fast food joints they’re been searching for too. That might be the same people that are doing that search there. All of these terms, these are all terms that we paid for. This is a city of Mebane filling in a pool, $16.36 was paid. Wasted terms and nothing came out. “How do you get smoke smell out of your furniture?” Again, wasted term.

All these terms totaled $1,500. Right here is $1,500. Wasted Ad spend. That’s the kind of value that you get when you work with a company to manage your AdWords. You got to be doing AdWords though. This is the reason why people get scared away from AdWords, because of all this wasted spend. There’s just no way possible you’re going to get rid of this in a reasonable amount of time. You can go with any old AdWords management company and probably do it better than your own potentially. All these is specific to the junk removal industry. You could really work with somebody that’s done it before. We would be happy to do it. I just wanted to kind of show everybody some of these terms that pop up.

It’s amazing what pops up. It’s pretty entertaining. I used to go through these lists. Now, we have somebody working for us full time and he’s the one that goes through these lists, but just dealing with AdWords. Back when I used to do it, I’ll go through these lists and It will just take me over an hour to get through these lists. I’ll just be cracking up at some of the search terms that people searched. The lack of good spelling and all that kind of stuff. I might post his list, so everybody can see it. You need to be on AdWords. Everybody else is on AdWords, but you don’t need to be paying $1,500 in a wasted spend, that’s for sure. Alright guys, appreciate it.