You asked for some day-to-day job footage, and we're delivering. We're on site today at a 14+ truckload cleanout of a school that's moving locations. If there's one phrase that sums up this job, it's "desks for days." Literally. We're also sharing with you the three major reasons why we (and not one of our competitors) landed this job - and why we get others like it.

Alright guys! Some of you all been wanting to see us on the Junk Doctors job site. You want to see job footages, that’s what we’re going to do right now. Today we’ve got about a 14-load job at a private school in North Carolina the guy’s going to be removing stuff on and at the end of the job we’re going to tell you the secret on how you get these big jobs because there’s three reasons that we got this job and somebody else didn’t. So, come on guys let’s take a look inside.


Alright guys, so all of these and all of these desks and all of you work one of the shelves. You know this desk over here there’s probably 15 or 20 all or it being emptied out, so let’s take a look. You know trying to run into you guys across the Junk Doctors team members right there. So, we got some more desks in here, you all check this ceiling out. This is really cool this is the kind of stuff you’ll do in a public education so we can tell. We got the Donald over here, makes resumed in all the Donald. All right got more desks, this is yet another room some bookshelves going. This thing’s probably going, who uses a dry erase board anymore. Alright we’ve got into the basement and we’ve got more desk. All right here we got even more desk, I mean this entire left side and everything out of here they’re updating. So, this is a huge job that we’re getting in here. Takes two days and a lot you won’t be able to do in this in two days and that is going to be one of reasons that we we’re able to get this job another form. Let’s keep looking, here we’ve got at an old spinet piano that’s going, a large file cabinet where we store sorting cabinet of some sort. And there’s more cabinets, there’s fridges over here, there’s chest freezer. All the stuff outside, benches all the way down and there’s a storage building in the back too we’ll take a look at. So, even more desk, we got a tremendous number of desks. Coming in this room, somebody has slain the dragon. This old dragon is going and just what’s left of them. This is definitely the harbor room, all those chairs to storage cabinet all that stuff is going. They build a brand-new school they’re moving out of this one moving into a brand-new school. Let’s see if you get in this building out here, there’s more stuff out here that’s going as well.

How you doing out here?


Some stuff in here is going and some of it’s getting moved to the new location. Again, this is the second building this is a second size jobs, we do this quite often. We do this every couple of weeks we’ve got a job this large you know we do multi-low jobs every day or every other day anyway but a job this big, you know we get every few weeks.


Stepping into the gymnasium right now, these bleachers over here are going with us as those over there. And most everything else in here has already been or the stuff that was in here has been removed. All these bleachers right here, everything it’s just a matter of disassembling them. You just take these bolts out and they all come apart. These cross members and just completely just assemble everything.


They breakdown the individual pieces that’s the company going to be taking but some of the stuff that’s left over will be removed as well. This part and that sort of deal is going with us. A lot of the plastic stuff, Legos, have some Legos all that stuff is going with the moving company, we’re not removing this stuff. Must’ve been like the officers or something. It’s not as bad as some attics. We’re up here in the attic at this building and it’s always tough time here. You’re going to be the 120° up in this attic’s sometimes, it’s not quite that bad right now. All of the stuff in here is junk all this is going, we got a couple of truckloads is just inside up here in this attic. I wish should be good as long as he knows how to get down.


All right guys so hey, this job right here is a big job at least 14 truckloads they could add more so you’re talking around $7000 plus job right here. Everything was full retail, full price, didn’t charge any less, no discount giving it all. There’s reasons we were able to get this job, three main reasons.


Number one, this is about an ideal job and ideal customer, this is like if you’re at a bar and you see a hot chick and she’s like a nine or 10 or you’ve got in the bag like a six or seven up to five or six are you going to go after the Craigslist customer the five or the six. You can go after the nine or the ten. 9 or ten was the first thing you got to do to get their attention. It’s going to be a little harder, you got to get their attention and you got to have a nice website, you got to be on Google with AdWords. You got to spend, this girl’s probably a little classier. She’s probably a little classier so if somebody you have to spend a little bit more money on to achieve that customer. But the thing is you know you can charge that particular customer a bit more. Are you going to go after the Craigslist customer the five or the six or you can go after the nine or 10. Ten is better once you 9 or the 10, you will never go back to the five or six there’s no question about?


Number two guys at this point you all but size matters, it matters. She right here or she needed this job done fast, she needed it done and you know just a couple of days most of our competitors couldn’t handle that. We’re big though and we satisfy, we have enough trucks and enough people and we can knock this out. She said hey, I need this done fast we said hey we got you covered and got you satisfied.


Number three, we hire people that know how to use it. They are talented, you know we train these people on how to use it. So, we’re getting the attention, we got the size and we know how to use it and that’s going to lead to success with this job. That’s the reason we can lay on these jobs and no of our other competitors can for the most part. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is the only other company in this area that has enough trucks to have gotten this job done in two days. We can accommodate it that’s the reason we got a job.


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