Lee explains that the way you view your team members will directly effect how long they stay with you and how good they are while they are with you. The key is to think like THEM not like you. https://junkremovalauthority.com/

Morning! Good morning everybody! Hope everybody’s having a great Monday. Hope you’re kicking the week off. Here, we’re wide open in spring time right now. Everybody’s businesses should be booming. Just got back from a Florida vacation. Had a great time down there. Every year we go down to an airshow in Lakeland, Florida. Airshow called SUN ‘n FUN. We’re good down there. We look at a bunch of airplanes. Watch people tumble planes to the sky. Look at the military jets. Enjoyed our evenings with some good friends, smoke some cigars, drink a little whiskey, and just to have a good time. Also, was working a bit down there.

One of the things I find, that’s what I do my best thinking. So, I’ve got some ideas in mind to help us get more team members because we’re short staffed and help us retain more team members by creating little bit better working environment than what we’ve necessarily providing in the past. One of the things we’re going to work on is getting enough people in place where we can have shifts so we can still do our same-day service without demoralizing our guys. It can be very demoralizing when they think they’re done for the day and all of a sudden, we put another job on their schedule. We got to do it through because it’s 20 percent of our business. Also, got an idea. We’re going to do a very basic business package. We’re going to have three levels of business packages on JRA instead of having just one. There’s going to be a very introductory basic. It’ll get you started. No expenses, pretty much no expenses other than CAM will be covered. You’ll pay everything else, but you’ll get our expertise and our set up. You’re still getting your consulting, that sort of deal. So, that’s a great idea there. It will be a better idea on who to put into different parts of our business so some of our current guys, we’re going to increase the level of responsibility. Christian isn’t running, so ragged right now. Christian hasn’t said anything about it, but he got a huge amount of responsibility right now ever since we started JRA. He’s pretty much running the entire company and responsible for almost all the parts, individual parts.

We’re going to turn over some truck maintenance to a pair of brothers. Twin brothers that we’ve got. We’re going to increase the responsibility. We’re now renting U-Haul on U-Haul Reynold. Something else and item sales. We will try and kind of get him where he’s responsible for everything. He directly supervising only one area of the business. There were several other great thoughts and ideas. I get around these guys. These guys, I go with. I’m the youngest at 28. All these guys are very successful on anywhere. When we go down these shows, my direct group that I’m around. Anywhere from 28 years old to 88 years old. The 88-year-old has been super successful. Multi-millionaire several times over. Got it from really hard work. We also get exposed. Unfortunately, the other guys in in his 70s. He no longer goes with us, but he’s got three jets. It was big and real estate development. He also was one of the few people to take a gamble on this revolutionary concept back in the 80s known as cellphone towers. So, he was going around developing these cellphone towers. Made just a bunch of money. I’d estimate he’s worth somewhere between $400,000,000 and $500,000,000.

Just getting around those people. Just being around successful people. It’s amazing what that does. Of the core group of people that I go down to this show with. I’m probably the 88-year-old be the most successful though. He hadn’t worked much in 20 years. I’m probably the third most successful, so we have a whole group down there. Maybe two or three people more successful than I am. Just being around people that are more successful than you are. It provides an amazing amount of motivation. People that have achieved that level of success think so much differently. That’s what’s crazy. That’s what’s really need about getting around those people is to just experience their thought process. There’s something they’ve got where they see things so much clearer than you are. If you get around that, eventually you’ll get to seeing that level then you’ve got to move up your level. The people you’re around. If you ever get to the point where you become the most successful in your group that you hang around. I’m not saying if these guys are successful that you leave them, but you need to expose yourself to people that are even more successful than they are.

You might have to go out there and pay. You might have to pay for a mentor or consultant. I’ve got consultant especially one consultant that I pay for. If I bounce stuff off of them every so often. Not all the time, but you know if I’ve got big idea you know it’s I’m willing to go out there and pay a high price tag for it. Exposing yourself to those people are awesome. Down there in Florida. I met with Dennis Miles and Son services in Tampa. We recorded that interview. We’re trying to get everything pieced together because we did it on two different phones. We got to get it kind of upload together. I say interview but It wasn’t an interview, it was just a conversation. There’s just two successful junk removal business owners. Just bouncing past successes, failures, challenges and what’s coming up. Just passing ideas off of each other. It was really neat to meet Dennis and his wife down there in Tampa. So, I stayed working throughout the vacation, but I did really have a great time. I’ve come back with a lot of ideas. I am always enthused. Even more enthused to really kick this week off and start getting these ideas implemented. I’m confident and hopeful that is going to help our business out tremendously. Both JRA as well as Junk Doctors.

We will keep you updated on those changes as they come through. All I suggest is you need to have stuff. You need to have people in place to be able to go on vacations. Now, when you’re on vacation, do not work. Anybody that owns their own business is going to be thinking some on their vacation, but really take advantage of that time to step away from your business and truly think about your current state of business. The challenges you’re facing. Ours right now, for example was we’re way short staffed but the challenges you’re facing. How to fix those problems and where are you going to go next. What’s the next step? Then piece that stuff together. When I’m in town, it’s hard for me to do. Especially back when I was doing most of the day to day stuff on Junk Doctors. Now, I think a lot bigger picture. I’m pretty heavily involved. I’m very involved on the JRA end of things, but I do take the time to think big picture. Not like when I go on vacation. When I go on vacation I could piece stuff together and come up with ideas that I likely never would’ve come up with if I never took a vacation. So, you got some guys like Gary Vaynerchuk and they say they went 10 years without a vacation. They got where they are just from hard work. I kind of wonder is had he taken a vacation a couple times. You know out of 10 years had he taken 20 vacations so two a year? It doesn’t have to be week-long vacations. It could be three, four, five days. Had he done that? I wonder the level of success. Vaynerchuk, he’s super successful guy, but I’m wonder what else he could have accomplished? Had he taken some vacations in there?

So, don’t feel guilty about vacations. I do a little bit like, if I go into a five-day vacation and on that fifth day, I’m ready to get back. I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. So, I find that my three and four-day vacations, I get a lot of great thinking done. I generally get most of my great thinking done within those three days and by that fourth or fifth day, if I’m still on vacation. I’m ready to get back and put them into place. Still enjoy yourself but what I find is after a vacation you come back super enthused and ready to implement your great ideas. Get a vacation scheduled. The first thing you have to do is have your business in a position. Now listen, those of you own the truck 100% and you have nobody else to go in your place when you leave. By no means are you ready to take a vacation? You need to have it where you can leave. You might have to be taking some phone calls or whatever when you first started this but you need to get to the point where when you leave, that your trucks can still run. You still have an income. Don’t go into four or five-day vacation and miss out four or five days of income. Not only have you missed out on those four or five days of income, you’ve missed out on those 15 to 20 plus customers. You’ve missed out on them as repeat customers. As them is referral business, so that four or five-day vacation in addition to the direct cost you pay for that four or five-day vacation. It could cause tremendous amounts over time. So, get your business in place where you can still have an income when you leave. Get out of town. Take the time to really think about your business and create good ideas, big picture. Get away from the day-to-day, big picture ideas. If you’re going somewhere else, how do you market? What you need to be doing is you need to get out of your market. Otherwise, you’re going to get swept into the day-to-day operations.

Look up a junk removal business owner around and say “Hey, I own a business.” I meet with them, talk with them. What worked for you? Get around people that have done what you’re looking to do. You’re going to be just tremendously more successful. There is a huge opportunity to really have a great million dollar plus a year business on junk removal. You got to get around people that are going to help you think like a million dollar plus business owner. Your current group of friends likely ain’t going to do it. If you’re sitting there and you’ve been on the truck for year or two. You’re not around with the right people. You’re not thinking big enough. You got to get around with the right people in order to start taking the steps necessary to build you a super successful business and help you and your family achieve a level of success. Achieve your dreams beyond your wildest measures.

It starts with getting around the people that have the thought processes necessary to get to that level. We’ll talk to everybody later this evening. We have a junk removal made simple episode that will upload overnight. I probably will do one more trash talk because unfortunately I missed out. I missed out on an episode while I was gone. So, we’ll probably have one more trash-talk episode coming up today. Hope everybody has a great day. Let’s really get a bunch of jobs done today. Let’s make some customers really happy. Let’s help a bunch of people. Let’s just kick this week off and have a great week. We’ll talk to everybody real soon. Be back before you know it.