When you have stuff to dispose of, whether it is for your business or for your home, you have options. These are hiring a junk hauling company or renting a dumpster. What you choose is dependent on a few things. For starters, one requires a permit while the other does not. Also, one requires that you fill it up yourself.  The other option gives you people who can do the lifting of junk for you.

If you are unsure whether a dumpster rental or a junk hauling service is best for your needs, here are some things that might help you decide:

Dumpsters can stay for longer, allowing you to slowly fill it up – when you choose to rent a dumpster instead of hiring a junk hauling company, you will get a container for your junk delivered to your place. This can stay for as long as a week and at times, for a couple of weeks, depending on your agreement with the dumpster rental company. This will allow you to fill up the dumpster to its weight limit and capacity at your own pace.

Junk hauling can have your junk off your property faster – while you can have a dumpster sit on your property for longer, this is not all good. It can actually become an eyesore and even attract others to throw garbage in it, if left uncovered or unattended. It can also damage your lawn when the weight of the dumpster increases as you fill it up. With a junk hauling service, you pile the junk you need to get rid of in your garage, call the service, and have it taken away in a snap.

Dumpsters allow for more wiggle room – when we say more wiggle room, it means you can fill it to capacity without having to worry about an increase in pricing.  You pay for the dumpster and not the amount of junk that you put in it. The downside of such a scheme however is if you go above the specified capacity and weight of your dumpster, you have to pay for the overload.

Junk hauling has fixed pricing – similar to dumpsters, junk hauling has fixed pricing for every job. If you exceed the amount of space allocated for the junk that you need to have taken away, you have to pay extra. Of course, if you don’t have much junk to throw away, pricing will also be lower since you are not using that much space or too many resources.

Dumpsters require you to carry your own junk to it – regardless of whether you have a heavy old sofa or bulky mattress to throw into it, you will need to do the hauling yourself. You can ask the help of friends and family to do this for you, or at the very least, help you. As long as it fits and the dumpster does not go overweight, you can put as many big items in it as you want.

Junk hauling is great for those who don’t want to do any heavy lifting – a junk hauling company is your best bet if you are living alone and don’t have anyone to call on for help. Lifting heavy objects for disposal is a service that comes with your junk hauling request. So if you are disposing of an old cabinet or even a rusted up refrigerator, the junk hauling company will help you remove it from your property. And you don’t even need to lift a finger to do this. They will carry it out for you and haul it off for proper disposal.

Which Dumpster Should You Choose

While both options have their merits, the choice actually comes down to what best suits your needs. Do you need help in carrying stuff out of your home to dispose of it?  Then a junk removal company is your best bet. If you need time to sort your junk before having this hauled off, you can consider a dumpster. You have to remember that you can also do this with a junk removal service.

All you need to do is to allocate space in your garage or home for your junk pile. Once you have everything that you need to dispose of ready for removal, you simply contact a junk removal company.  For residents of Chantilly, the junk removal service in Chantilly that you can contact for this is Bull Run Junk Removal.

An affiliate of Junk Removal Authority, this junk hauling entity is backed by years of experience and uses updated equipment plus methods for junk removal. This ensures that your junk gets off your property efficiently and expertly. You can also contact Bull Run Junk Removal at 703-239-3903 for your concrete removal and light demolition jobs.