You may wonder, and we get asked a lot, where does all of my junk go? After filling up our trucks during a junk removal job, our first stop is never a landfill. Dumping everything that we load from home, office or any other type of junk removal job is costly and can often hurt the environment. Usually junk removal companies have to pay a fee for the junk that they drop off at landfills. Sacramento Junk Removal Authority works to reduce the amount of waste that they dump at the landfills through several different methods. Find out what happens to your junk after you say goodbye to your clutter and hello to your new-found space.

Donation Stations

Sacramento Junk Removal Authority works with many local charities and donation centers in the area. When you contact Junk Removal Authority for your junk removal needs, we will bring your designated donation items to one of the many facilities that we have a relationship with in the Sacrament area for donation. If you do not have anything marked for donation, Junk Removal Authority will still deliver your large items and things that are easily identifiable for donation to one of the many donation centers in the in Sacramento area.

Sacramento Junk Removal Authority frequently donates items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, housewares, small appliances, tools and more. In addition, Junk Removal Authority will email you a tax-deductible form for your records.  

Recycling Centers

The next stop on our trip after the donation center is the recycling centers. There are many different types of recycling centers available, it all depends on what kind of junks. You can recycle Electronics at special E-waste centers. Refrigerators and air conditioners contain CFC’s and need to recycled properly so that those chemicals aren’t released into the environment; California has special laws about the recycling of these goods that Sacramento Junk Removal Authority must follow. Metal can be recycled at scrap yards.  Common household recyclables like cardboard, plastics, and glass can go through a recycling center.


After we have donated and recycled every bit of your junk that we can, it is time to head to the landfill. Sacramento Junk Removal Authority cares about the environment.  We do everything that we can to reduce the amount of waste that we take to the landfills with every junk removal job that we perform. We will continue to look for additional means for our company and our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle. Furthermore, to take care of the environment while removing the junk from our customer’s lives.

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Junk Removal Authority is proud to serve the Sacramento area for all of your junk removal needs as well as, recycling, and donation needs.  Also, Sacramento Junk Removal Authority can help you to reclaim your space and make junk removal fast and easy.

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