Sam Schick is the Junk Removal Mastermind, leading relevant and actionable group discussions

Why start from scratch and make expensive mistakes when you can learn directly from one of the world’s most successful junk removal entrepreneurs?  JRA’s Mastermind Group connects you with other motivated junk removal business owners and is spearheaded by none other than the ten-million-dollar man, Sam Schick.

“So many gold nuggets in these sessions! Don’t get left behind by the competition. If you want to level up, you should sign up!” —Sean Smith, Junk Smiths

Sam’s story is one of resounding success, and it’s a story that could be yours, too. He paved his way to financial prosperity with a 25-truck junk removal operation in Chicago that brought in $10 Million a year. As JRA’s Mastermind Group host, he shares his hard-earned knowledge and cultivates meaningful conversations on how to improve and grow your business. 

What the Mastermind Group Includes

As a Mastermind Group participant, you will attend 90-minute video conferencing sessions with Sam and other successful business owners. Each meeting will delve into transformational topics that are key to the junk removal industry, such as:

  • Hiring and HR
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Sales Training for Truck Team
  • Key Metrics
  • Managing Growth
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Bonus Meeting: Topic of Group’s Choice

Best of all, you’ll even receive one-on-one phone calls with Sam. This is the perfect time for him to check in on your business and give you advice custom-tailored to you. 

What Past Participants Are Saying

Past participants of the Mastermind Group say the meetings, advice, and connections made are worth their weight in gold. Even participants who have previously gone through JRA’s Business Package (BP) say the Mastermind Group is a worthwhile investment that builds on BP lessons. 

“The Business Package teaches you how to play the game,” says Juan Vallejos of Bay Hauling. “But the Mastermind Group is really going to show you how to get in the big leagues.” 

Juan appreciated that the Mastermind Group taught him how to build capacity for growth in his business, along with helping him focus on key metrics while increasing his number of employees and trucks.

“What I would say to someone who’s thinking about doing the Mastermind Group… do it! The return on investment is ridiculous,” says Juan. “You’re going to get your money’s worth on the first day.”

Similarly, John LaBarge of JP’s Junk Removal is a big Mastermind Group fan.

“For years, I was like, ‘this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work,” says John. “Then there’s Sam, who built a ten-million-dollar franchise. To be able to have him at a phone call or a text to meet… if there was one thing from JRA I could take, it would be to be in the Mastermind Group.”

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, sign up for our next Mastermind Group today!

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