Growing Your Junk Removal Business (With 9 Simple Tips)

“You don’t want to look at your business as anything short-term…”

Looking to take your junk removal business to the next level? These 9 practical tips for growing your junk removal business can help you make more money, improve customer relations, and even earn passive income! Each junk removal business is unique; however, these universal ideas can help anyone alleviate mistakes while also preparing for long-term success. As an industry leader in consulting, Junk Removal Authority has the insider info you need to take your junk removal business to the next step. For expert insight from Lee Godbold, CEO of Junk Removal Authority and President of Junk Doctors, don’t miss the Making Hay With JRA livestream, every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm EST! As well, this article will cover:

  • Investing in Your Junk Removal Business (4:45-7:45)
  • Success in the Short-term vs. Long-term (7:45-10:00)
  • Problem Solving for a Successful Junk Removal Business (10:00-33:00)

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Making Hay With JRA: Don’t Think Of Your Business As A Job

Investing in Your Junk Removal Business

  1. Don’t think of your business as a job. Instead, consider it an investment. This shift in attitude helps to positively shape the trajectory of your junk removal business. As your junk removal business continues to expand, you should implement changes and adjust strategies to find the best solutions to problems. The mentality many employees have about their job is, “What can you do for me?” However, as the head of your own business, you need a different perspective; it could be a motivator to those you employ if they see you actively working to improve your business. A shift in perspective can have a larger impact than you expect, which is why it’s our first tip for growing your junk removal business.
  2. “You don’t want to look at your business as anything short-term.” Whenever you think about your business, you need to consider the long-term implications. With the amount of time, money, and sweat-equity you put into your junk removal business, you want to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success in the future. Being short-sighted in business can cause you to fixate on the here and now while neglecting your plans for the future. According to, aligning your short-, medium-, and long-term goals will help you “sync your immediate objectives with your big picture vision”. What does the big picture look like for you? What steps can you take to close the gap?
  3. “The mark of a professional is emotional control.” As you start and grow your junk removal business, it will be a challenge. However, there are ways to cope with stressful situations that arise. Whether you’re a first-time business owner, or a small business veteran, mastering emotional self-control will serve you well. No matter the circumstances, discipline in business will ensure you handle situations healthfully and better regulate your stress levels.

Don’t Chase Short-Term Success

  1.  Mistakes will happen. So, with every call you receive, it’s important to communicate thoroughly with your client. Clarify anything unknown to offer an accurate pricing estimate. Customers probably don’t know the ins-and-outs of junk removal pricing structures; they just want to know how much it will cost them. Getting as much information up-front will allow you to provide accurate information to your customers and avoid a negative review from a miscommunication.
  2. Sometimes it can be better to take a step back. For Junk Doctors, another service area was added to the business but the time ended up being wrong. To cut looses, the business left Charlotte and re-focused in Apex. Once the time was right, Junk Doctors expanded their service offerings to both Charlotte and Greensboro. By taking a step back, not only is this service area now profitable, but it was possible to provide junk removal services to another community as well!
  3. Don’t become discouraged by short-term results. Building up something great takes time; in fact, you can expect no less than 3 years of dedicated, focused attention before you begin to see the kind of results you want. This timeline is different for everyone, though, so it could take 5 years, or even potentially 10. “Great things take time to build. The Egyptian pyramids took 20 years, the Great Wall took 200.” Financial guru Dave Ramsey says that “focused intensity over time equals unstoppable momentum”. While many entrepreneurs are good at one aspect of this formula, like intensity, it’s important to center your efforts on the “big picture” of your junk removal business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  1. Go above and beyond. Whenever a problem does arise, try to turn an unhappy customer into a potential repeat customer. Provide assurance, resolve the issue quickly, and arrange for repair of the damages. Make sure that the professional you hire is highly rated and reliable–the contractor you hire is a further reflection of your junk removal business. Take the opportunity to send a gift, like a gift card, as well as a coupon for future service. It’s rare for a business to go above and beyond when a mistake is made. By doing so, not only will you avoid a negative review, but your customer will be impressed by your professionalism and might even refer your services to others!
  2. Don’t have a “power partnership”? Consider getting one. Consider forming a “power partnership” with another reputable business. For example, when you complete a junk removal job, ask if the customer is in need of a moving company or a cleaning business (it could be any industry related to junk removal). By doing so, you can create a referral or affiliate deal that provides a great way to get passive income. Set your rate for a referral, and you could easily earn $50 in less than 10 minutes.
  3. As well, power partnerships can work in reverse. For a small fee, you could increase the number of jobs you have and spread the word about your junk removal business to new markets. This tip is mutually beneficial for you and whoever you select as a power partner–it’s also a great way to champion other local businesses.

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