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Search engine optimization, or SEO, can seem like a mystical thing to outsiders looking in. After all, there is a lot that goes into SEO, and it takes years to become a true expert at it. However, the rewards of good SEO are well worth it. Consider the fact that, as a junk removal business, every time you receive a booking via Google Ads, you have to pay per click. However, with SEO—the process in which your website will rank better organically—there is no cost per click. Why wouldn’t you want to learn SEO, do it yourself, and earn bookings for free? Well, in the case of DIY SEO, you might not be spending money upfront, but what you will be spending is valuable time.

DIY SEO: There’s a Lot to Learn

SEO is the complicated method in which search engines determine which websites to place at the top of the search results. You could almost consider it a “game” that your business must play in order to gain truly great online visibility. However, there are a lot of rules to this game. Even when touching the bare essentials, it can seem overwhelming.

  • Keywords. The first step to ranking organically on search engines is to know which keywords you want to rank for and therefore include on your site. Terms like ‘junk removal’ and ‘junk hauling,’ for example, may earn you more traffic than ‘trash pickup.’ This is because people searching for ‘trash pickup’ are usually looking for information about public sanitation services.
  • Site structure. A website that is not structured well is not conducive to SEO. (On top of that, it’s not good for site visitors, either.) A big part of site structure is the linking structure. The internal and external links you include on your website can help boost your SEO score, and learning how to implement this properly is crucial.
  • Tagging. Search engines like Google are searching for well-constructed websites. They’re looking to see if your webpages are using header tags and meta tags correctly. They’re also looking for those oh-so-valuable keywords in your headers, too. That’s because search engines learn what your page is about from your headers.

This is barely even scratching the surface of SEO. For SEO experts, this is basically “first day of school” material. However, if your idea of a day of work barely involves hopping on the computer, you might not know—or care—about things like keywords and header tags. This is going to play a crucial role in whether DIY SEO is good for you.

The Time Investment of DIY SEO

So let’s say you know nothing about SEO, but you’re interested in learning about it. That way, your junk removal business can get the boost it needs and receive organic traffic. However, there are a lot of other ways you need to spend your time when starting a junk removal business. Think about these other responsibilities:

  • Operating Your Business. In order to impress customers, get 5-star reviews, and get those all-so-important repeat and referral customers, you must run a smooth operation. It’s absolutely vital to ensure that your systems and procedures are consistently followed every single day. Otherwise, your reputation will suffer, and your business will quickly decline.
  • Networking. No, not computer networking—people networking! As a business owner, it’s important that you get to know people in the community that can lead you to work. For example, realtors, property managers, and Rotary Clubs are invaluable sources of junk removal jobs. You may even want to get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • KPI Tracking. As the leader of your business, you should be setting clear goals and closely monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) to track your goal progress. This is something you should be doing on a weekly or even daily basis!

While you are learning SEO, the items above will suffer. No one else can do these things for your business as well as you can. Meanwhile, SEO is an entirely different specialized field with experts already trained to do the work for you. You could do everything above—and more—in the time it’d take to learn SEO and implement it correctly.

Professional SEO Services

Just because you don’t have the experience or time to do SEO for yourself doesn’t mean you have to go without. Junk Removal Authority has a team of SEO specialists who can configure your site for search engine success. We almost exclusively deal with junk removal businesses, and we know all the tried-and-true methods for better search results. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we already know the best tactics for the industry.

To learn more about our SEO services, contact us today.

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