Workiz is more than an online booking system. It’s a business scheduler, sales tracker, and the key to diving deep into where the company is succeeding and where it could use some work. Because of all these capabilities, Junk Removal Authority couldn’t recommend Workiz more. In fact, our founder, Lee Godbold, credits much of the growth of his junk removal business Junk Doctors to Workiz. Today, Junk Doctors is a growing $3.5 million a year business with 15 trucks and three locations in North Carolina.

“Junk Doctors wouldn’t be where it is today without Workiz,” Lee said. “I have experienced firsthand not only what it has done for our business, but also how it has helped hundreds of our junk removal business clients at Junk Removal Authority. Its KPI tracking capabilities and scheduling tools are simply unmatched in the industry.”

Let’s take a closer look at how Workiz goes above and beyond to earn the title of our recommended booking software for the junk removal industry.

Simple Booking System

Online booking is a convenient option for clients because sometimes they don’t want to make phone calls. They might be stuck at work, out running errands, or just “phone shy” in general. To book the most jobs possible, Junk Doctors wanted to implement convenient, simple online booking on their junk removal website. Workiz fit the bill perfectly.

“It’s just a very, very strong online booking system,” Junk Doctors’s co-founder Christian Fowler said. “It’s extremely fast, and it’s super easy to use, whether you’re on your cell phone, desktop, or tablet.”

With Workiz, Junk Doctors’s site visitors are faced with a simple contact form that only takes a few minutes to fill out. What’s exceptionally nice is that Workiz shows site visitors appointment availability and updates it as appointments are claimed. This means Junk Doctors doesn’t have to deal with any accidental double-booking.

Payment Functionality

Let’s face it—not everyone carries cash. Workiz also allows Junk Doctors’s site visitors to pay for their junk removal appointments digitally. This makes it extremely easy to settle up with customers and allows Junk Doctors to accept a broader range of payment options. Additionally, Workiz also offers financing.

“They’ve got a partner called Sunbit,” Christian said, “that allows the customer to make monthly payments instead of taking that huge chunk all out at once.”

With financing, this price can be divided into more digestible pieces. Offering financing through Workiz can often be the difference between booking a big job and losing it to the competition—and Junk Doctors wants those big jobs!

Tracking KPIs and Sales

Workiz lets Lee and Christian identify the strengths and weaknesses of Junk Doctors by allowing them to track sales numbers and other KPIs from the convenience of their personal devices.

“One of the major KPIs we track is average job size,” Christian said. “Since we started using Workiz, our average job size has gone up about 15%.”

“It’s a critical number,” Lee added. “If that number is too low, then the entire financial situation of the business can completely fall apart.”

Here are some examples of more important ways Workiz helps Junk Doctors through KPI tracking.

  • Identifying the hottest service areas. Workiz will keep track of how many sales are made in each relevant location. This lets Junk Doctors track which cities they make the most revenue in, which ones are quieter, and lets them form strategies on marketing and sales accordingly.
  • Assessing employee performance. With Workiz, it’s easy for Junk Doctors to see which teams are taking on the biggest jobs and which ones are underperforming. This way, they can provide praise—and coaching—as necessary. It’s always good to encourage good behavior and take action when expectations aren’t being met.
  • Discovering theft or misconduct. Workiz allows Junk Doctors to find suspicious behavior at a glance. For example, if Lee or Christian discover a small pick-up took an employee a total of two hours, they can look into why it took so long. They can also track down potential employee theft if certain staff members have unusually high cancellation rates or really low average job sizes.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

As a junk removal business owner, you don’t want to be tied down to the truck forever. You’re going to want to head to your local Chamber of Commerce to make connections. You’re going to want to spend time at the office so you can perform management duties. And, of course, you’re going to want to enjoy life with your family and friends—going on trips, watching television, and playing games together.

You’re going to go lots of places, and you want to be able to run your business from anywhere. That might be the ultimate strength of Workiz. A glimpse at exactly how your business is doing is right at your fingertips. Pull it up on your home computer. On your phone, even. It’s what Lee Godbold did with Junk Doctors, the biggest junk removal business in the Research Triangle area. Now, it’s what you can do with your company, too.