Having a steady supply of jobs is important to any junk removal business. However, the people who need your services aren’t always going to come to you. Sometimes, you have to seek them out instead. As a junk removal business owner, you already know this and are hopefully utilizing yard signs, door flyers, and digital marketing to spread the word. But, are you targeting property managers too? Property managers can be a huge source of income for your junk removal business! Our business Junk Doctors brought in $200,000 in one year through relationships we built with property managers. Here’s how you can do it too. 

Why Property Managers?

What makes business from a property manager so valuable? While it’s true that building goodwill with all your patrons is important to growing your business, what makes property managers such valuable clients is the sheer amount of work they can provide to you. Think about it—these people are constantly dealing with evictions, moves, foreclosures, and other scenarios which might require junk removal services. If your business becomes the first business they think of when they need junk removal, then you’ll be getting guaranteed work during all four seasons.

It’s also worth noting that these property cleanouts aren’t just small jobs. These are big jobs with a lot of junk, so you can expect to make some good profits. On top of that, you’ll often find that many of these jobs already have the junk in a pile for you. In other words, you can get the work done fast, collect a big payout, and then enjoy return appointments as well. But you have to earn the trust of these property management companies first!

How to Contact Property Management Companies

Step 1: Research
The first thing you need to do is hop on LinkedIn and research these property management companies. Keep an eye out for the point of contact for these businesses. They’ll serve as your means to get your foot in the door. Found the point of contact? Good. Now, let’s work on making a good first impression. It’s time to write an email.

Step 2: Reach Out
Emails to property management companies should be brief while making it clear who you are and what you do. Introduce yourself with your name and your role at your junk removal company. Then, emphasize your professional junk removal services. Do you offer same-day and next-day appointments? Make a point of it. Property management companies often need to clear out houses and other buildings fast, and being able to have you on-site as soon as possible will be a tempting advantage for them.

Step 3: Follow-up
Sometimes, you won’t hear back from these companies. That’s okay. In these situations, some persistence may prove to be key, which is why we recommend you follow up every two weeks with a short, friendly, and varied reminder. Just nudge them and let them know, “Hey, we’re still here, and we’re willing to help you!”

Step 4: Be Ready
Eventually, you might get back a phone call or response from a property manager—and when you do,
get to them as soon as possible. An opportunity like this shouldn’t be missed. Bite down on it as soon as you get the chance. You’ll be glad you did!

Other Methods of Contact

While we highly recommend reaching out to these companies via email, there are other ways to potentially land a partnership with property managers. You might find it’s worth your time to go to local chamber meetings and speak to your desired clients directly. Or you might even go and knock on some doors. Try a combination of outreach methods, and whatever you do, don’t give up! Sometimes, obtaining valuable clients is a long-term commitment, but think about it this way: once you’ve earned their trust once, you’ll continue receiving their business for years and years to come.