Delta Junk Removal checks truck box to visualize How to Estimate Load Size for a Junk Removal Job

How do you accurately estimate the load size for a junk removal job? It’s one of those skills that takes a bit of time to refine. But the number one way to develop this skill is by creating a mental visualization of your truck.

While you’re out on a job, take a mental note of what your truck looks like at each load size. What does it look like when it’s one-eighth full? How much stuff does it take to get to half a load? Keep making a mental note of each step of the way.

Now, with that frame of reference, you can walk through a house and start to visualize how items are going to fit into your truck box. After about a year or two of experience, I was able to use this method to price large 5-7 truckload jobs and be pretty on target with my estimates.

It takes some discipline to master this skill. But if you take the time to look at a piece of furniture or item and conceptualize how much room it’s going to fill up in the back of the truck, you will begin to train your brain on how to estimate. So I encourage you guys to not only load the trucks but look back and see how much space is actually filling up in the box.

Side Tip: Don’t forget to give a range when estimating large jobs. By giving a low, middle, and high-end estimate of each job, you’ll avoid surprises. And, if your job comes in the low or mid-range, try for the upsell by offering to take items from their yard or garage.

About Sam Schick

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