junk removal business owner creates social media strategy on phone

Are you thinking about starting a social media strategy for your junk removal business? Fantastic! Social media is a great way to engage with customers, build trust, and attract new business. But before you start posting, read these tips from our in-house social media expert and SEO specialist Jasmine White on how to gain the greatest return on your efforts.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

The first thing you must do when picking a social media platform is to determine your desired goal. What are you trying to achieve through social media? This primary goal will help you decide which platform is best for your business. 

For example, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other businesses and build your brand to reach potential employees. Facebook is ideal for creating a community, interacting with previous, current, and potential customers, and targeting the local community. Lastly, Instagram is wonderful for direct product and service sales through its increasingly popular shopping feature. 

By focusing on the platform that best serves your desired outcome, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goal.

Engagement is Key

All social media strategies should include an engagement component. Engagement is the process of communicating or engaging with an online community. All social media platforms use engagement as a factor in their algorithm. This means the more interactions you receive and the more you respond to them, the more likely you are to appear in followers’ social media feeds.

When creating content, always keep this goal of engagement in mind. A great way to receive engagement is to ask questions in your post captions or take advantage of polling and response features.

Always respond to comments to continue engagement and encourage banter with customers.

Use Video in Your Content

Short videos have quickly become the most popular and engaging content on social media. TikTok started this popular trend, and it has grown with the addition of Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories. 

The creation of short videos can be a way to quickly show the process of junk removal while also creating a way for your online community to feel connected to the company staff.

Remember, every video doesn’t have to focus on junk removal. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun with it. These videos are a great way to participate in social trends and expand your online community. 

Sell Your Brand, Not Just Your Services

Many businesses focus their entire social media strategy on selling their products and services. However, there’s a better approach. 

Social media, especially organic (non-paid) social media, is a way to tell your story and build a community. 

A great way to express your brand is to showcase your company culture and interactions with the local community. Here are a few examples:

  • Post video or photos of your team members enjoying a company event.
  • Highlight the work that you do with a local community donation center.
  • Sponsor a local youth sports team and show your support via social media. 

When people see a brand they can relate to and connect with, they will trust you to handle their junk removal needs.

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