Has your garage become overrun with junk? Make a plan to reduce the clutter, clean-out the junk and reclaim your garage space for good! By following these five steps, you can begin to clean out the junk and maybe even make your garage a space that your car is proud to call home. You can also call Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority for more information on how we can help.

Remove Everything

Begin by completely emptying your garage. Garages that have been stocked full of junk can often become home to a lot of dust and debris along with all of that broken and unwanted junk you’ve been gathering. When you completely remove everything, you will discover how many extra tools, broken decorations and a whole bunch of other things that you can donate or throw away. Removing everything also allows you to figure out the best storage options for what you will be keeping.  

Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority

Deep Clean

Depending on how long it has been since your garage has gone between cleanings, it will need a thorough cleaning. After all, your garage is a part of your home and after months or years of neglect and stocking full of junks, it can often become home to a lot more than just the broken stuff.

Once you have everything out of your garage, you can begin by wiping down surfaces. This to eliminate dirt and cobwebs and address dirty windows and walls as well. Next, make sure to clean the floors beginning with a broom. After you have removed all of the large debris from the garage floor, you can hose or mop the floor.

Be Organize

Getting organized is a HUGE part of a garage clean-out project. Think verticle. Purchase shelving that attaches to the walls and hooks or racks from which you can hang items. Experts claim that keeping the floor of your garage clear is important to maintaining a junk-free space.  Large plastic bins work well for keeping sports equipment, pegboards for hanging tools and tools with long handle.

Throw It Away – For Good

If you have made it this far in your garage clean-out project, probably have accumulated quite a pile of junk either for donation or the dump. After finishing such a large project, it can seem daunting thinking about making multiple trips to the dump. However, you can save yourself all the loading and driving by calling Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority. Schedule a time for them to pick up all of your items.

Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority

Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority specializes in the removal of junk from small to large to items, whatever your case may be. Junk Removal Authority will even donate your items in good condition to a local charity, saving you the time.

One of the best ways to stay organized is by getting rid of the junk. Hence, call Tysons Corner Junk Removal Authority for more info on how we can help you with your garage clean-out today.