We all live really busy lives, and sometimes things in our homes can get a little out of control. Often our garages become the place where we toss things that we don’t have time to deal with, hoping that one day we will. Perhaps your garage has finally reached the point of no return, and now you are looking for a trusted plan that is short, sweet and effective at garage clean-out in the least amount of time.

Look no further.  

#1 Make Garage Clean-Out Plan

Come up with a plan to get started with your garage clean-out so that you can be more effective. Make sure that you write your plan down and share your plan with anyone who is helping.

You may have large-scale or many small items that result from your garage clean-out. You will need to decide how you will dispose of those items. Junk Removal Authority Chantilly can help save you a lot of time by disposing of all of your unwanted items. They also donate items that are in good condition to charity, saving you multiple trips.  

If you come across items in your garage clean-out that you want to sell, you should either set a date for garage sale now or post them online as you come across them.

garage clean-out

#2 Decide What to Keep

Deciding what to keep can be difficult for anyone going through a decluttering and cleaning process. But setting some expectations and clearly communicating the goals for your garage clean-out, and writing them down will help ensure that you stick to them.  Consider the following:

  • Remove anything that you haven’t used in over a year.
  • Discard anything that is not in good condition, needs repair or old projects
  • Throw away toys and tools that are duplicates, broken, or haven’t been used in over a year.
  • Discard old paint, books, CD, DVD’s, old electronics and outdated appliances   

#3 Remove Everything

Begin by completely emptying your garage. Garages that have been stocked full of junk can often become home to a lot of dust and debris along with all of that broken and unwanted junk you’ve been gathering. In addition, clean, sweep and mop your garage before attempting to put anything back.

Assess your need for storage options. Large plastic bins, verticle storage, pegboard and hooks, ceiling hooks and other methods for storing items is crucial in a garage clean-out. Organizing is essential and having the proper items on hand to get the complete the job.

#4 Sort It Out

Begin sorting through all of the items you have pulled from your garage.  Find a new home for everything or deciding whether or not to throw it away. Make sure if you are using plastic bins to label everything appropriately so that you can find what you need at a later date.

Purchase shelving that attaches to the walls and hooks or racks from which you can hang items. Consider hanging your long-handled lawn tools using a pegboard and hooks to keep them off of the floor. If you love to garden and have a large collection of gardening tools, there are many options for storing your tools in your garage that will save space and allow for organization.   

#5 Move It Along

In order to move your garage clean-out project along faster contact Junk Removal Authority Chantilly. We are here to help move your garage clean-out project along as fast as possible.  
Call Junk Removal Authority Chantilly today so can help you with your garage clean-out.