John LaBarge of JP’s Junk Removal is booking big jobs, gaining repeat customers, and getting more family time all thanks to his two virtual assistants provided by JRA’s Dedicated Service. He even credits his virtual assistants with helping him book a $40,000 job that he says he would have missed out on without their help.

“It allows me to do stuff with the family because I’m not worried about missing the phone calls. It’s peace of mind.” —John

Dedicated Service is the premier offering of JRA’s Contact Center. With the service, junk removal business owners get a professionally-trained virtual assistant that works solely for their company. Like all Contact Center agents, Dedicate Service reps go through a rigorous customer service training process that focuses on the junk removal industry and how to book more jobs on the phone. However, Dedicated Service agents go through additional training on how to handle specific situations related to your business. Plus, Dedicated Service reps can handle other administrative tasks for your business.

It’s exactly this kind of personalized training that John says helped him book a $40,000+ junk removal job. A potential customer called his business inquiring about a job outside of the company’s normal service area. However, this was a big, 10-acre specialty job. Because his Dedicated Agent had answered that call and John had done one-on-one training with them, they knew an exception should be made to take on the job.

“Having those Dedicated Reps that you can give the additional training to has given me a lot of business,” said John, “It’s worth the money.“

Dedicated Service for More Than Just Calls

Because Dedicated Service agents work for your business and your business only, they can do more than just answer calls. John has taken full advantage of this perk. Some of the tasks his agents have helped him with include:

  1. Moving all clients from an old client relations management system to his new one.
  2. Contacting past clients to verify their contact information and see if they need service. This effort resulted in 5% of former clients booking new business!
  3. Sharing pictures from jobs on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business accounts.

“I’m always thinking about what can I have these Dedicated Agents do and there’s always something,” said John. 

Enjoying Life Again

John credits his Dedicated Agents with helping him regain his freedom and spend more time with his family. “It allows me to do stuff with the family because I’m not worried about missing the phone calls,” he said. “It’s peace of mind. I can go out to a movie, out on a date, or have dinner with my kids.”

For the first time in years, John was able to spend a week at the beach with his family and not answer calls. “When I came back there were jobs on the schedule!” remarked John. “I’ve been able to start enjoying life a bit more.”

If you’re ready to start enjoying life again, contact us today about the JRA Dedicated Service.

Watch An Interview with John of JP’s Junk Removal