Who do you think of when you think of a successful businessman? Someone in their mid-thirties? Their mid-forties? How about a twenty-three-year-old? Because of Junk Removal Authority’s business consulting, Drew Douglass has been enjoying great success with his junk removal business, Junk Dawgs. He’s been hauling in the Inland Empire area since 2020, and he’s raking in profits that you would expect from a seasoned businessman. It’s all thanks to the treasure trove of knowledge and guidance he receives from the JRA Business Package.

“Business right now… without the mentorship and guidance of JRA would be completely different. We wouldn’t be standing where we’re right now without JRA.” — Drew

With JRA’s business consulting, Drew has access to the minds of several talented and experienced junk removal masters. They’ve experienced all sorts of victories and all sorts of failures in the past. Now, they can teach Drew to make the correct decisions right off the bat—and avoid the mistakes entirely. And already, the benefits are showing! Drew has only been partnered with JRA since July 2021, yet he boasts a fleet of three trucks with a fourth on its way. On top of that, he is planning to branch out into new service areas. 

Drew credits his rapid success to the mentorship provided by JRA. Thanks to the JRA Business Package, Drew is able to make decisions like an already-experienced business owner. He gets one-on-one consultation with our team of industry experts including Lee Godbold, Sam Schick, and Christian Fowler. The advice he receives is not premade slideshows and useless general tips. Drew gets unique advice guided by the experience of our consultants and built specifically for his junk removal business.

Here’s a rundown on the top consultants Drew and other Business Package clients meet with:

Lee Godbold

Lee is the founder and CEO of Junk Removal Authority. After starting his own junk removal business in North Carolina, Junk Doctors, Lee learned what it takes to run a successful company, and he didn’t always learn it the easy way. Now, a decade and millions of dollars in annual revenue later, he’s ready to teach other junk removal business owners what he knows.

Christian Fowler

Christian is the vice president and co-founder of Junk Doctors. With priceless on-the-truck training, Christian shows new business owners how to get the job done right. His experiential training is a crucial part of building a junk removal franchise alternative.

Sam Schick

Sam is the former owner of one of the USA’s biggest junk removal operations. How big are we talking here? We’re talking twenty-five trucks, one hundred employees, and ten million dollars a year. His fifteen years of expertise provide plenty of industry insights.

Business consulting from JRA is a proven method of success. Are you ready to take the next step towards building your business? Want the training and support you need to start your company without the restrictions of a franchise? Then it’s time you spoke to us about our Business Package. Contact us today!