Every once in a while, generally every few years or so, you find that the clutter in your home needs to be taken care of. For some families, this happens once every year, especially when there are quite a number of people living in one home. Clutter is something everyone has to deal with, and if not dealt with on a regular basis, can actually have a huge impact on you and your quality of life.

Clutter has been seen to cost people quite a lot in terms of their productivity and their peace of mind. If a home is cluttered, it tends to bother the mind of the people living in that home. The solution to such an issue is to declutter and to get rid of the stuff that you can afford to let go of.

Effect of Clutter on a Person

It does not matter if you live alone or with your family. When there is clutter around you, it can bring about a slew of problems that can affect everyone. Here are some of the effects that clutter has on the people that are surrounded by it:

Physical health 

Did you know that clutter can actually harm you physically? It can bring about problems with your respiration due to the dust that can collect on the items that are left around you. These can also become the homes of vermin such as mice and other similar pests. The droppings of such creatures can also cause sickness.

Mental health 

When you work in a cluttered environment, you will find the creation of thoughts and ideas more difficult than you would in a less messy workplace. It was even proved in a study that people who work in an office that is cluttered actually stressed out more than those who worked with cleaner surroundings.


Somewhat connected with mental health issues that come with clutter is the diminished productivity of people. When you are stressed while you work due to the mess around you, it is highly likely that you won’t be able to do much. This is because the clutter is causing you distractions and reduces your ability to work effectively.

Loss of appetite 

Clutter can also cause people to not want to eat. The sight of a mess in your dining area can make eating seem unappealing. Who would want to eat when you see mess and clutter all around you?

Unhealthy eating 

It has also been noted that a messy environment causes people to choose unhealthy snacks than healthier meals. This is particularly true with a messy kitchen and disorganized food stocks. When a kitchen or dining area is a mess, people usually reach for chips and other easy-to-eat stuff rather than prepare healthy meals due to the thought of having to clean up the clutter to do so.

These are just a few of the effects that clutter has on a person. You should also know that when your house is a mess, you may also lose time and money. Time is wasted when you have to dig through stuff to find what you need. Money, on the other hand, can be wasted when you need to pay late fees for bills.

What to Do to Clear Clutter from Your Home

The first thing you need to do when you decide to clean the clutter from your home is to commit to the task. Doing it half-heartedly won’t get you the results you want or need. Set aside one weekend, or even a week if you have a mountain of stuff to sort through, to do this.

Work from room to room and place four boxes in each one for the items that you need to sort. One box is for the things you are keeping, while another is for things you are throwing away. Still one more box is for stuff you might want to donate, and the last box is for things that you can keep but store away in your attic.

Once you are done clearing a room of clutter and placing everything in order, move on to the next room. Don’t stop until you are done. Rest when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, and answer the call of nature whenever needed. Just don’t stop what you are doing to entertain or distract yourself. Stick with the task until you are done.

When you have cleared all the rooms in your home of all the clutter that you need to get rid of, you will then need to contact a junk removal service. In San Diego, the company to call is Junk MD. We are a company that can help haul your clutter away. So we can leave you with a home that is spic and span. We can even lend a helping hand when you need people to deal junks.

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