Over the years here at Junk MD, we have removed A LOT of hot tubs. We’ve removed spas on the on top of the deck, in the deck, on a patio, in a front yard, and inside a home. We’ve even done one on the roof of a large building! A crane originally placed it there. We had to cut up the hot tub and carry it down the stairs to get to the truck. This is some serious junk removal! But with Junk MD we do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Few Small Parts We Ask You To Do Beforehand

One is required. One we can do for an extra charge. The first requirement is that all electrical is disconnected before we get on site. Though we are hot tub removal professionals we are not electricians. This should be done by a licensed electrician to ensure it is done correctly. The second thing is to drain the hot tub. Should you want us to drain it please let us know a few days in advance of your scheduled appointment. We will do this over a couple of days. Most hot tubs will have a drain for you to drain out the water. It will get all but the last little bit on the bottom. That can be removed by scooping it out.

Broken Hot Tub Removal Services

So you are probably wondering how in the world do we get rid of those massive bests? Hot tub removal can sometimes be pretty easy. Other times removal of that old spa can be a pain in the neck. It all depends on where it is on the property and how it is constructed. Sometimes junk removal of hot tubs isn’t all that bad. If they are smaller and located on a patio often times three strong men can lean it up on the side and then roll it to the truck. Those are the best hot tub removal jobs. That is often not the case, however.

Hot Tub Removal

Most spa removals involve the use of a sawzall and a junk removal professional operating it. We start out by removing any of the wood that surrounds the back of the hot tub and disconnecting the motor and pump. We then take the Sawzall and cut the hot tub into three or four sections. We then carry each section individually to the truck. That is a little bit of a messy process however. So we generally have 15 or 20 minutes of sweeping and cleaning up the left over debris from cutting up the hot tub.

The process generally will eat up 1-2 sawzall blades. You also want a corded sawzall ideally instead of a battery powered one. If you have a battery powered one has at least three batteries to get through the entire process. We always make sure to remove the motor and take off the wood pieces on the side as well. That will definitely speed up the junk removal process of removing the hot tub.

We can generally arrive at your home within one day to remove of a hot tub. Hot tubs can be on top of a deck or placed down inside of a deck. There is an extra fee if the hot tub is set into the deck as these jobs take much longer. So if you’d like to schedule a hot tub removal appointment please give us Junk MD a call today. It’s just what the junk removal doctor ordered!

-Lee Godbold