Junk Removal Authority is the nationwide partnership of locally owned junk removal companies whose partners are helping homeowners throughout the country take back control over their garage. Your garage has committed mutiny on you. And like mutiny on a ship. It generally starts small. You’ve got one piece you move into the garage. Followed by some boxes that are placed in there after Christmas. Followed by kids furniture that gets moved in there after the kids grow up. The years pass by. After a year or two, the car no longer gets parked in the garage. Stuff keeps getting added. And before you know it you have this massive amount of stuff taking up all the space in your garage. At that point, it is time to call the junk removal experts that makeup JRA!

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Garage Clean Outs

We’ve done some amazing garage clean outs over the years. Most of them are just your normal garage clean out type job. There will be an old broken appliance, lots of boxes, lots of bags, old toys, old clothing, furniture left over from college, old bikes, tents, motorcycles, etc. Just a huge collection of things from peoples past. The stuff is taking up a lot of space and needs to go. But many of the things hold special memories for the homeowners. It is a tough decision for them to get rid of the stuff. But they enjoy looking through it, remembering the good times when their 30-year-old kid used to ride that bike with training wheels or play with some special toy, or any other sentimental item in a garage. Our professional haulers will delicately remove those items. Though we are a junk removal company we do understand that many things are not junk to you. We will also recycle and re-purpose as much stuff as possible. So rest assured there is a good possibility those items that were so useful to you and brought you so much happiness have a great possibility of being re-used by someone else.

Junk Removal In A Garage

One common occurrence we get when it comes to being called to do junk removal in a garage is the homeowner has seen spiders, other insects, or rodents in there. It’s almost a guarantee that if you have a lot of accumulation in a garage it has become a safe haven to lots of creatures. Many times homeowners have been thinking of clearing out the stuff, then they see the pest, and it’s gotta go RIGHT now! Book with JRA and have one of the junk hauling companies that make up the JRA family out to your home the same or next day. All junk removal companies that make up the JRA family have to be able to accommodate the same or next day service at least 95 percent of the time. So that means we most likely have your garage clean out needs covered and covered right now! So enter your zip code to start booking or give us a call. We look forward to doing junk removal for you to help you reclaim your space!