Ask The Right Questions When Scheduling Junk Removal

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that a junk removal company is the best option for you—which it is—you might hit a wall if there are a lot of options in your community.  Which one should you hire? Does it matter? Yes it does! Not all junk removal service companies are the same; some, like Junk Removal Authority, might be better suited to your exact needs than others.  

To determine the right company, you may want to call and ask them about their services.  Find a few that are near you and take the time to ask each of them a few questions that will guide you in your decision making.

Junk Removal Service
Clutter naturally builds up over time. Just understanding how to get rid of it can be a huge relief!

What type of junk does your junk removal company handle?

While you may think all junk removal companies simply go and pick up any type of junk, this is not the case.  Many have specialties that they focus on. For instance, not all companies have the equipment to remove a large refrigerator or couch.  Certain items, like chemicals or hazardous wastes, require special training and certifications to be handled, so you will want to make sure that the company you are speaking to is equipped to remove all of the types of junk you have.  It would be unfortunate to hire a company that comes out and is only able to remove some of your junk, leaving the rest for you to deal with. Confirm up front!

Does your junk removal company recycle?

Waste products and junk are capable of causing harm to our environment.  While many junk removal companies have green initiatives and recycling protocols, not all do this.  It is important to ask the company you are considering for hire if they take measures to properly recycle items when possible.  Some companies place a large emphasis on this and might even ask you to separate recyclables from non-recyclables prior to pick-up day.  Others will sort your items for junk that can be recycled or repurposed.

Is your junk removal company insured?

Insurance is very important for junk removal companies.  If a company truly strives to bring the best service to their customers, they will have insurance to protect themselves and their customers should any accidents occur.  

How much does your junk removal service cost?

Not all companies charge the same rates, and rates will vary depending on what type and quantity of junk you need hauled away.  Pricing structures could be according to weight of the load, number of trucks needed, or other metrics. Find a pricing structure that makes it convenient for you to determine an estimated cost.  Additionally, you can ask if their company offers free estimates. All are different, so don’t hesitate to ask the right questions and carefully take into consideration the differences between companies.