The holiday’s right around the corner! Now is a great time to organize with a junk removal clean-out project. Cleaning out and organizing your home will help you to be prepared for the busy season ahead. Beginning a junk removal clean-out project before the holiday season can seem a little overwhelming, however, if you have a plan, you will find that the process will be quick and simple. To help you attack your junk removal project, West Palm Junk Removal Authority offers you the following tips to help get you started on the right track.

Which Rooms Matter from my Holiday Junk Removal Clean-Out Project?

Clean Out Your Closets

Remove and sort through things that are ripped, stained, or no longer fit and place them into bags or boxes labeled for donation, or junk removal by West Palm Junk Removal Authority. Then, reorganize your closet so that items are easier to find and access when you need it.


The holidays are nearing! Taking your junk removal clean-out project to the kid’s rooms and the playroom is a necessary task. There always seems to be a large number of toys. Other possessions that we can do away with before the next wave of new things arrives with the holidays. If you can, get your kids involved in the process of deciding what they can keep, donate and what items are broken and can be hauled away by West Palm Junk Removal Authority.


Your kitchen is another room that will see a lot of foot traffic once the holidays roll around.  It is the main gathering area. Your kitchen is the place where you do all of your cooking, and meal prep and usually requires a fair amount of junk removal and decluttering.

Begin by removing clutter from countertops, assess what is in your cabinets and decide what items you can remove. If you have multiple appliances, and other kitchen items still in good condition, and if you don’t use them, place them in your donation box and West Palm Junk Removal Authority will drop them off at a local donation center of your choice.

Where Does All of My Junk Go?

During your pre-holiday junk removal clean-out project, you may have accumulated a lot of items that you want to get rid of. Whether those items are clothing, toys, furniture, large appliances, or electronics, both in working order or in great condition. There is a place for everything, and it is important to know. Understand what your options are when it comes to your used possessions.


Many of the items that you no longer want may be suitable for someone else. Different charities accept different items; calling the donation stations or searching online to determine which charity best suits your needs ahead of time is recommended. West Palm Junk Removal Authority serves the West Palm Beach area and can pick up all of your items for donation, whether large or small. The team at West Palm Junk Removal Authority will make sure that all of your items for donation arrive at the charity of your choice and will also email you a tax write-off form saving you the hassle and saving you money at the end of the year.

Recycling Option

If you are disposing of a large appliance or mattress during your holiday junk removal project, West Palm Junk Removal Authority will make sure that your large appliances and mattresses are disposed of properly through recycling. The proper disposal of these products eliminates chemicals which can affect the ozone.  

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