Got an old playset in your backyard that needs to be removed? What was once your kids prized possession and hang out spot has become a hangout spot for snakes and spiders. It is beginning to fall down on its own as it has been rotting for several years. The swings are rusty, the slide is faded and cracking, and the structure just isn’t safe. It’s time to hire the professionals at Junk Removal Authority for your playset removal project!

Dilapidating Playsets

Insurance companies also pay attention to dilapidating playsets. Especially if your backyard isn’t fenced in and neighbor kids can sneak over and play on it. If it is starting to fall apart it is a hazard. Insurance companies will request them to be demolished or cancel your policy. If you are in need of playset removal because your insurance company has demanded it then Junk Removal Authority is here to help.

Even for those of you that have a playset that is in great condition you still might want to consider getting rid of it if your kids no longer use it. It is still a liability risk to have it. If someone sneaks over and plays on it and gets injured you could be held at fault! In our extremely litigious society you know that is a major possibility. To help protect yourself from being sued contact Junk Removal Authority so we can remove that playset for you today! Any place in the country we’ve got you covered.

old kids play set

Removing A Playset

The process of removing a playset isn’t difficult if you have a bit of experience with power tools. We generally take a Sawzall and start cutting the playset into pieces. We will work from the top down, cutting off the slide, the pole holding up the swings, and then working our way down the structure of the playhouse. We will cut the playhouse instead of unbolting or unscrewing it. Often times the fasteners have become rusty over the years and won’t easily unscrew. We want to get the playset removed as fast as possible so you can continue on with your day. All demo is provided for just a slight extra charge. Normally $25-$50 is added for the demolition of the structure. Easily worth the extra money for you yourself not to have to do it. Especially if you don’t already have the $200 saw and blades!

Once the structure is down the friendly Junk Removal Authority team members will efficiently carry the stuff to the truck and load it. Often times this can be quite a bit of a walk. We also will carry the stuff by hand instead of using a tarp and pulling it across your grass. That can damage your grass.

Once the playset has been demolished and the truck has been loaded our team will then rake up the area for any loose debris remaining from the demolition. Once the area has been cleaned we will close the doors, settle up with you, and be on our way to responsibly dispose of the items.

Playset removal is a project that you can probably do but it likely isn’t worth the time. For around $350, depending on your area of the country, that playset will be knocked down and out of your life in the matter of an hour or so. That right there is money well spent!

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