Making Space in Your Garage

Our garages are full of stuff, mostly unorganized junk that we have tossed there when we were in a rush or didn’t have time to deal with it.  It’s time to reclaim the space and get rid of the junk by creating a plan and following some great hacks to make space.

A Plan for Space

To end with something great for our garage we first need to develop (and write down) a plan. Having a plan helps you to be more effective and helps you to communicate better your goals with whoever you may be working with.

You may find that while you are making space and cleaning out your garage that you come across some large or small-scale items that you need to get rid of in order to create more space. Reston Junk Removal Authority can help save you a lot of time by disposing of all of your unwanted items. They also donate items that are in good condition to charity, saving you multiple trips. You should write it into your plan to have them arrive when you are done with your garage clean-out project, sealing the deal on making space in your garage.   

Making Space in Your Garage

A Plan for Action

Next in the process is deciding what you will keep. This can be a difficult decision for anyone going through years of clutter.  You should throw away anything you haven’t used in over a year and needs repair.

After you determine what you will be keeping and what you will be throwing away you then need to begin to remove everything from your garage so that you can begin the reorganizing process.

Get Creative with Space  

If you are looking for some creative solutions for organizing what you have decided to hold on to, then look no further. Garage storage is all about getting verticle in an effort to maximize floor space. Consider using a slat wall to hang accessories, or a pegboard and hooks to organize tools.

If you are hoping to keep things in their place, trace the outlines of objects on pegboards to ensure their safe return once someone has used it. Storing Bikes from the ceiling or stacking on top of each other vertically is a real space-saver as well.  Utilizing cut PVC to store long-handled outdoor tools in an upright position is also a handy solution and will keep them off the floor and out of the way.

There are endless creative storage options available out there that can really maximize even the most space-challenged.

However, the biggest challenge is cleaning out the clutter and junk first. But, Reston Junk Removal Authority can help with that. Even if you are having trouble finding the energy to sort through the mess yourself we can do the heavy lifting, just point and say the word. We are here to help move your garage clean-out project along as fast as possible and help you make space.  

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