Hoarding is a serious condition that affects many people involved and hoarding junk removal, and clean-up is a serious job. When faced with hoarding conditions, hiring a trained team is essential.

The clean-up and junk removal process involved with hoarding is often extensive and more than the family of a hoarder can handle on their own. However, Cleveland Junk Removal Authority experienced in hoarding junk removal as well as compassionate towards what you and your family are going through when it comes to junk removal.  

Hoarding is Dangerous

Hoarding Junk Removal

Endless piles of junk stacked up all over the house can create many health hazards from mold growth to mice, roaches and more. Mold spores can travel through the air and the ventilation system in the home causing many health issues. A home infested with bugs that carry bacteria can spread diseases and allergies.

When hoarding is extreme, there are often many unsafe conditions inside the home which lead to fall hazards. Also, if someone has fallen in a home that is difficult to get around in they might not be able to access a phone to call for help.

Too much clutter and junk in the home of a hoarder can cause a reduction in the flow of oxygen. Having piles of junk in every room blocking the vents can often break the HVAC unit.

Hoarding Junk Removal Help 

Cleveland Hoarding Junk Removal

Cleveland Junk Removal Authority are well-trained in dealing with many hoarder junk removal situations, and we are here to help. Whether you would like our team to clean out the entire house and haul all of the junk away, or to help clear away the junk one room at a time while the hoarder moves through the process of getting rid of things, we are here to help.

We will also assess whatever items we remove from the home, and if they are in good condition, we will donate them to a resale store or charity. Eliminating landfill waste as much as possible is a top priority.

Cleaning Up

Hoarding Junk Removal Cleveland

Cleaning up and junk removal from a hoarders house takes planning. Depending on the hoarding situation you want to make sure you protect yourself from mold spores, bug bites, animal feces, and any other possible contaminants that could potentially make you sick. Cleveland Junk Removal Authority takes special care in hoarding clean up and the junk removal process.

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Call Cleveland Junk Removal Authority today if you have any questions about a hoarding junk removal project. We are happy to help with any junk removal project no matter what your needs may be.  

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