We’ve all been there dreading the big garage cleanout. If you own a garage, eventually your car ends up parked in the driveway or street while the garage fills up with endless amounts of junk. Once its full of junk, its time for a garage cleanout. Whether the junk consists of “projects” you intend to get to, or broken appliances, at the end of the day, it’s all junk. It’s preventing you from fully utilizing your garage space as intended.

By following these six simple steps, you will be well on your way to a clean and tidy garage that can once again accommodate your vehicle. Or maybe even two!

Step 1 – Come Up With A Garage Cleanout Plan

Come up with a plan for your garage cleanout that makes sense for you and your family. Does your family enjoy the outdoors and own a large collection of outdoor sporting equipment? If this is the case, make sure to include in your plan easy access to the equipment. You don’t want to be required to dig through multiple bins to find something you access on a regular basis.  

Once you decide what your plan is, write it down and communicate it with whoever may be assisting you with your garage cleanout process.

Remember, not only is it important to develop a plan, but you must stick to it.   

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Step 2 – Decide What Method You Will Use to Tackle Your Garage Cleanout

A garage cleanout is a huge job. You may take one step into your garage and want to turn right back around. Quitting, before you have even had a chance to begin. However, if you start to pick one aspect of the clean-out and start there, you will notice that your project will begin to gain ground and the junk will slowly start to dissipate.

If you have an exceptionally large amount of junk in your garage, it may take a couple of days to complete, or perhaps even a couple of weekends may need to be set aside to complete the project. Do your best to organize the chaos between your clean-out sessions to help you maintain a sense of order. This will help keep you motivated and feeling like you are making progress in your junk removal project.

Many experts say that removing everything from the garage during a garage cleanout is a very effective method. Utilizing a process such as this allows you to assess what you own, and determine if you need it. 

Step 3 – Get Organized

Getting organized is a HUGE part of a garage clean-out project. If you lack the proper equipment to store the items you will be keeping then it is time to make a list. Then, head to the store to purchase the proper equipment for the job.

Think verticle. Purchase shelving that attaches to the walls and hooks or racks from which you can hang items. Experts claim that keeping the floor of your garage clear is important to maintaining a junk-free space.  Large plastic bins can come in very handy for organizing and storing. Holiday decorations, sporting equipment, as well as other items not in use may fit into plastic bins. Make sure to purchase lids to ensure you can stack the bins. This makes better use of the top bin for even more storage of seasonal items such as coolers, or sleds.

Step 4 – Clean It Up

Depending on how long it has been since your garage has gone between cleanings, it will need a thorough cleaning. After all, your garage is a part of your home. After months or years of neglect and being stocked full of junk, it can often become home to a lot of dust, debris, pests, and unwanted junk.

Once you have everything out of your garage, you can begin wiping down surfaces to eliminate the dirt and cobwebs. Next, make sure to clean the floors beginning with a broom. After you have removed all of the large debris from the garage floor, you can hose or mop the floor using water.

Undergoing a thorough cleaning process that addresses not only the room of your garage but the items in your garage is important when you are in the midst of a garage cleanout project. Cleaning the items that you sort through will allow you an opportunity to assess your need for objects in your garage further. Then, finding a home for them back in your clean garage space if you still need the item.

As you sort things, you are provided with a great opportunity to get rid of broken, and unused items that are taking up valuable space. Don’t allow these items space back in your garage. Instead, set them aside for pick up and removal from Junk Removal Authority Centreville.

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Step 5 – Throw It Away – For Good

If you made it this far in your garage cleanout project, congrats! You probably learned that you have an overabundance of junk. Now you can begin to overcome that is by purging the old, broken and unused items. Now let’s make room for what you use on a frequent or consistent basis. Some of the items that have made our “Throw Away” List include:

  • Tools – Old tools,  outdated tools, broken tools, tool cases, and bags. If any of these items are taking up space in your garage, throw them in a pile for pick up. They are taking up necessary space and are of no use to you.
  • Books, DVDs, and CD – If you have read it, or watched it, it’s safe to say that it is taking up useful space. Also, everything is available on the web now, and there is little need for hard copies
  • Electronics and Appliances – Old TV’s, and other appliances that have become outdated may have made their way into your garage space. At last, they serve no purpose and need to be hauled away.  

Once you have decided which items you will need to dispose of there is no need to make multiple trips to the dump or local donation station. All you need to do is call Junk Removal Authority Centreville and schedule a time for them to pick up all of your items.  Junk Removal Authority Centreville specializes in the removal of junk from small to large to items, whatever your case may be. Junk Removal Authority will even donate your items in good condition to a local charity, saving you the time and hassle of having to deal with multiple loading, unloading, and trips to different locations.   

Step 6 – Keep It Clean

You have worked incredibly hard on your garage cleanout project; you want it to stay organized. Imagine being able to park your car in your garage. Pulling into your garage instead of having to navigate your way through the maze of boxes and unwanted junk.

One of the best ways to stay organized is by getting rid of the junk. Call Junk Removal Authority Centreville for more information on how we can help you with your garage clean-out today.