Are you one of the many residents of the West Palm Beach area that moved down to this wonderful city from a place up North? Do you live here just in the winter or year around? Either way. My guess is you didn’t move down here to have to do junk removal on your own in the West Palm Beach area. Nevertheless, every so often you have a bunch of stuff that needs to be picked up. Don’t break a sweat by doing it on your own. Give Junk Removal Authority a call. We’ve been providing junk removal to West Palm Beach for years!

Common Junk Removal Jobs

One of the most common junk removal jobs we do for people is removing old TV sets. You know the monstrous ones that weigh several hundred pounds? Otherwise known as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV. This 28 inch TV was once your pride and joy. Many a Super Bowl has been watched on that baby. And it still works! Those things never give out. Yet nowadays with the low cost of 50 inch plus TVs with a lot better quality, it is just time to get rid of that dinosaur. Junk Removal Authority is here to help you get that heavy hunker out of your house.


Another common junk removal project is clearing out junk for an old shed. One of the bad parts about having a bunch of storage as well, you have a bunch of storage! And what do you place in storage? Junk! And lots of it. Why? Because since you have that extra space you don’t have to make that hard decision on rather you really need that item or not. And you don’t have to take the time to take it to the dump on your own. So over the years you put those old golf clubs in there, that old riding lawn mower that kicked the bucket gets left in there, furniture your kids left in college, boxes, toys, old decorations, old golf kart, stuff from your parents home, and the list goes on ba dum da dum dum. You need junk removal for your West Palm Beach home!

Get It Done Right

What is very common is once people say “Oh my. I’ve got way too much JUNK!” Then they say that “It’s gotta get done right now.” Junk Removal Authority knows that and that’s why we can often times offer same or next day service. That stuff has simply got to go and Junk Removal Authority is gonna make it happen for you.

So, listen. Instead of taking the time off work, from golf, from the beach, from socializing, or from any of the other things you do during your life. Instead of taking the time off to do junk removal give the Junk Removal Authority a call. We are open throughout the week and are sure to have an appointment that is a convenience for you. So give us a call or book online today!