Clearing your home of stuff you don’t want and need is often a monumental task. This is particularly so when you have accumulated years of clutter and have not cleared your home of any of these for so long. In order to keep your home free of junk, decluttering is a must.

The question that some people tend to ask is how often should you declutter a home? This is a legitimate question since people do tend to accumulate more stuff over time. This happens even after they have thrown out a lot of stuff from their homes after a thorough cleaning.

The answer to this question is not as simple as you would expect. While some people might say that decluttering should be done at least once a year, others say that twice or even thrice a year is ideal. The reason why people have very different answers to such a question is due to the fact that people accumulate clutter at different rates.

How to Determine How Often Decluttering Should Be Done

To find out how often you should clean your home of clutter and junk, there are a few things you need to consider:

Number of people living in your home – the more people there are in your home, the higher the rate of junk accumulation. This is because more people are buying and bringing in stuff, the rate of clutter accumulation multiplies with each individual. If there are more people in your home, then you should declutter and throw away junk more often than those who have only one or two people in their home.

How often you buy stuff – if you love to shop, and the other people in your home are avid shoppers too, you might need to declutter more often. Some of the things you buy may break or may go out of style. Others may simply become useless or worn out. Some people tend to keep such stuff in their homes even when these are no longer useful. If you or members of your family are the kind of people who do this, frequent decluttering might be in order.

How many growing kids you have – kids outgrow stuff, and as such, the things they outgrow usually end up in boxes that pile up in their rooms. If your kids have outgrown toys, clothes, and other stuff, and don’t want to keep them for sentimental reasons, you should donate these. This would mean decluttering at least once a year until they get to an age where they are not growing as fast anymore. Before you throw anything out however, be sure to ask your kids if they want to keep any of their old stuff or if it’s okay to cart these away.

Reasonable Amount of Time for Getting Rid of Stuff

With regards to how people often declutter and throw away junk from their home, usually, the answers varies. Majority of the people who were asked this question though replied that they usually clean their home of clutter at least twice a year or more. This means that when junk piles up in their homes, they don’t wait too long to get rid of such a mess. They clean when they need to and discard old items as soon as they feel that these are messing up their home.

Some people declutter certain parts of their home at different rates. For example, some parents may clean out the junk of their kids’ rooms once a year, but will declutter their own room once every two to three years. Some people declutter their entire homes on a schedule, calling this their “spring cleaning.”

Get Help When You Need It

One of the reasons why people tend to put off decluttering and getting rid of junk for as long as they could is due to the amount of work it presents. When you want to remove junk from your home, you don’t need to do it alone. You can actually hire a junk removal service to help you with this.

There are junk removal companies that can actually help you with the sorting, packing, and hauling of stuff you want to get rid of. There are even junk removal services that clean up after they are done with the hauling of your stuff. If you need help with junk that you need to get rid of, in Fairfax the company to call is Bull Run Junk Removal.

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