JRA is a national network of locally owned junk removal companies that was created to help the little guy keep up with the large, national corporations that largely dominate the junk removal industry. Here at JRA no matter the size of your job we’ve got you covered!

Don’t feel bad for hiring us for single item pickups! A large amount of the jobs we do are single items. It could be a couch removal, love seat removal, an entertainment center haul, a TV removal, Treadmill removal, etc. We always do single item pickups! People just don’t want to mess with it on their own. And we don’t blame them! It can take hours to get one of one single, measly, couch or TV. Why take the time? Simply call one of our local Junk Removal Authority junk hauling experts and the stuff will be gone in a jiffy!

Junk Hauling Services

So you know we’ve got you covered for the small jobs. But what about the big trash out jobs? What about the jobs where your parents have been living in a house for fifty years and haven’t thrown a single thing away over all those years. What about the attics that need to be cleaned out that have been your garbage dump for all these years. It was quicker to put it up there than to haul it away. Do you have a friend or relative that is a hoarder? Do you have a shed you need demolished and removed. All of our partners with JRA are ready to take care of you! We can do all of that and more. Small or large jobs don’t scare us. When it comes to junk removal we are willing and able.

One of the things we get from time to time is customer’s say, “This is probably the worst house you’ve ever seen”. I can promise you no matter how junky your home has gotten we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen people say this that had immaculate homes! We’ve seen people say this with pets that have a stain here and there or some pet fur under some furniture. Hey, we love pets! And we don’t judge. Just show us what’s going and we get to work. We have found that what most people that feel a bit embarrassed are embarrassed about is just a completely normal home. Everyone is busy. To keep a home spic and span you have to clean it every few days, especially if you have pets! All we do is get you taken care of. We can promise you no matter how much stuff you have your home is not the worst we’ve ever seen.

Junk Hauling

So no matter the size of your project. No matter if it’s your home or a rental home. No matter if it is just a treadmill that needs to be removed or a whole home that has junk removal needs throughout. The locally owned partners at JRA are here for you! Simply enter your zip code in or give us a call to start the scheduling process right now!