The nationwide junk removal partners that makeup Junk Removal Authority have been in tens of thousands of attics. Many attic clean outs are un-eventful. But every few attics you do is gonna cause your junk hauling team nightmares for years to come.

Attics Can Hold A Lot of Stuff!

We do jobs in 3, 4, 5000 square foot homes with full attics that have every square inch of space taken up by any number of things. The ones with walk up stairs could have couches, old CRT Tvs that weigh a few hundred pounds, lots of toys, old clothing, boxes, bags, and an assortment of stuff! It is amazing what can accumulate over the years in an attic when stuff gets added little by little. When you are ready to get trash removal in your attic you just need to let us know. We’ve got you covered.

attic clean outs

One of the main issues we have in attics is heat. We do attic clean outs regularly at the heat of the day in the summer. Some of our junk removal partners are in areas that get to 100 degrees outside. That means it is a good 130 degrees or so in the attic. That is the hot working weather! That is a recipe for a nightmare. Our junk removal teams are game. We just might have to take a few water breaks while we are at it.

The crazy thing is we don’t charge anymore to go into an attic and clean it out if it is a third story up. For houses over three stories, there could be an extra charge depending on your area. But if you need trash removal from an attic and you are under three stories then we’ve got you covered with no additional labor charges.

A lot of attics have pull down stairs! What a crazy scenario for junk removal. Many times it is a tight fit up into the attic so lots of times things have been haphazardly thrown up into the attic. One of our junk removal team members will stand at the bottom of the hide-a-way stairs while the other team member hands the junk down to them. This is a time-consuming process. But again all we charge is for the volume of space unless it takes up over two hours per truckload. That normally isn’t the case because our guys move extremely fast!

Dust, Common Issue with Attic Clean Outs

It is amazing the fine dust that accumulates in an attic. We do our best to keep this dust from spreading into your downstairs. We breathe the stuff in constantly though. Sometimes we have to wear dust masks the dust gets so thick.

You could do an attic clean out yourself. After all you probably are the one that put all the items up their in the first place. But that was likely done over time. You want the junk removed all at once for this job. Not done over a 5, 10, or 20 year span! That’s when you need to call one of the professional partners at Junk Removal Authority. To schedule us simply enter in your zip code to get booked with our area partner or give us a call! We look forward to getting your attic cleaned out!