We got a decent sized job today from an estate sales company that could also bring us a lot of business long term. We got it because we were large enough to handle it quickly. Lee fills you in on the details and tells you why you need to grow large too.

Good morning everybody, hope everybody’s doing great this morning. Another wonderful day here in North Carolina. Hope everybody’s doing great hope you got a full schedule today and hope your schedule is filling up.


We’ve got the spring kicking into full force here so hopefully the phones are ringing, getting jobs booked up, you’re getting busy. We don’t have an extremely busy day today but we’ve got some very large jobs. And one of these jobs in particular illustrates or however you want to put it, my point those of you all that are staying small you’re missing out on big money in this really just you know put some exclamation point or kind of what I’m talking about. We’re doing a job today, it’s not a huge job it’s about three loads. It’s not, I mean we’ll do 10 or 12 truckload jobs that would be considered a real large job or maybe you started 8. But this job is a good size job but it’s for a gentleman that has an estate sales company and he actually runs it estate sales franchise system throughout the country. So, it could be a potential national account that we acquire here. And for JRA so if you’re partnering with JRA, you very well could have access to this guy ‘s company I think he’s throughout 12 states now, mostly on the East Coast as far West as Texas. Anyway, he had us come out and do a quote and in his job, boss gave him a cold call. I picked up my phone and called him up and told him you know kind of introduce myself and tell him what we do, you know if we could be able to help please let us know. Right after my very first phone call, he called me back and he said I got a house coming up in about three weeks I’m going to need some services on, can you all come out and give me an estimate in about three weeks. So, I said yeah sure so we put him on the calendar, we got out there we looked at it and got him a quote. Right there on the spot we put everything together and got him a quote. I got him access to our VIP rates which are discounted and got that estimate over well. He was having one other company come out, it was a large franchise company coming out to get I say large they’re small in this area but it was a franchise company to come out and give an estimate. That guy came out took a picture of every single item that was on the side, so the estimate took forever. He took like I think it was two or three days to get the estimate to him until the guy would take a week. Guys, what they always say in business you’re either the quick or you are the dead. There’s a couple of problems going on here, one why in the world did it take him two or three days to get an estimate. That estimate, if it could be done right there on the spot and needed been done that very day. I don’t care how late he had stayed up night that has to be should have gotten out. The second thing is he’s small, he’s got one truck, he doesn’t have enough people and he can’t jump on that job. So, he told him that job’s going to take a week, we’re going to get there in half a day and we’re going to have that job knocked down. I’m going to send two crews well they started it this morning 9:30 they’ll be done by 1:00 and this guy was telling I was going to take a week to get the job done, I was like that cannot happen in business. In this business, there’s too much to be gotten by same-day service and they’re too much businesses can be left on the table for those of you they can’t get to it because you’re one man or one truck operation. You got to build guys, you got to scale and expand. You’re thinking small because your small thinking is not going to get you anywhere other than just a job. If you’re serious about building a business, you got to expand and think really large. You know think about controlling your market, think about expanding into additional market and expanding your services, adding additional services. Don’t do it too fast but your first you’ve got to get your schedule full that’s from spending money and investing on advertising, doing Google AdWords, doing search engines and optimization. In JRA we can do it we can and you can go out and try it on your own. Probably waste a lot of money like we did $300,000 over six years wasted ads been what we were figuring this deal out. We got to figure it out and take advantage of our pain and the investment we made to learn it. But if you’re not out there and not picking up the phone or getting off the truck or picking up the phone making those cold calls that was one call got this job. This guy’s going to bring us a bunch of business. He could be a national account for JRA he came from picking up the dang old phone and making a phone call.  You’re all afraid, I don’t know why you’re scared, you’re scared of the people on the other end of that phone line. They’re going to scare, they’re going to come through that phone and bite your head off, it isn’t going to happen. Worst thing they’re going to say going to is say no. And after that first call you got to make a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. The majority of your sales closings will occur between the 7th and 12th call, seven and 12 those are your calling once, twice, three times you aren’t even halfway their guys. You got to be hitting that phone, you got to be attending lunch and chamber commerce meetings. Get your name out there, get known. If you don’t get known or if you know the more people who know you the better your business is going to do. once you have that schedule, once that schedule is mostly full in one truck, you got to buy another one, you’ve got to invest if you want to be a serious player in business, you got that beast baby and you got to be feeding money, expanding and investing in your business. Those of you thinking small or trying to stay small, you’re going to miss out on a lot of business, you’re jeopardizing your future and your family’s future there’s some point that body to break down in a way you’re going to be able to do it your whole life. I see something of you all out there at 40 or 50 years old, 60 years old sitting there on the truck. It isn’t going to last guys got to get you who’s going to roll without you. What happens if you get a car accident get handicapped, there goes your business and your income. Your business is your retirement, you’ve got to have a valuable business because they are not going to go want to buy your business if you’re sitting there on the truck all day making hundred thousand dollars a year. Maybe you can come back and want to go buy that you know for the most part. Then company like Junk Doctors will come in, will pay it for what accounts and the good will your phone number. But I mean your business, it’s not worth money or anything, you’re all on the truck all the time.


So, get smart on your business really you got to think big with your business if you want to get anywhere. Otherwise, you know if you’re in the North Carolina market, I’ll keep taking all the business. I’ll keep telling people it’s going to be a week or two days before you can start, I almost say I will start in two hours and I’m going to be done today. You know that’s one of the reasons we got nine trucks now and one of our competitors McJunk just has 1, they would not in business the same amount of time. But we commit to doing it immediately, right and we just find a way. That’s all there is to it, you all plan to much. You under commit and under deliver, I’m out there over committing and over delivering so you got to start thinking that way guys you’ve got business. You don’t have a job but you’re thinking yourself as a garbage man has a junk remover. Get away from that those of you thinking that way. You got a business, you got to expand and grow it. And if you’re not growing it, you’re going to die and no we have fans buts about it.


But hey, everybody has a wonderful day today. And we’ll probably have one more episode of trash talk coming up later. This morning, I didn’t quote that job, I was a sales guy but I didn’t quote that job that big job is talking about. Christian told me the situation with it, I was like man I got to bring this to everybody this is a perfect example of people that are staying small how they’re going to get crushed and admit losing money on the table. So, you all have a wonderful day today and we’ll talk to you real soon be back for you know it.