Royalty free music from Junk Removal Authority brings you the ultimate alternative to the franchise model for the junk removal industry. Get your business set up without the long term commitment to the franchisor. Have it be 100 percent yours so you can advertise to your market as 100 percent locally owned-HUGE! And have access to ongoing support but only pay for it when you use it. And use it as little or as much as you want. 919-617-1975 Check us out at Subscribe to this channel for all the best junk removal industry info Like and follow us on Facebook at Junk Removal Authority

We wanted to expand Junk Doctors but didn’t want to become one of the virtually identical junk removal franchises that are available on the market. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely saw the value of a franchise system, but we couldn’t afford one when we started Junk Doctors, and the fact that we couldn’t probably cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in just mistakes we’ve made that we would have known for mistakes on day one has we invested in a good franchise system. We were determined to create something truly unique, and we did that with the Junk Removal Authority. Junk Removal Authority offers the same on-going and initial support as your typical junk removal franchise, but you don’t have that long-term commitment where you’re just handcuffed to that franchiser giving away 10% or 15% of every single dollar you bring in, possibly for services you no longer truly need. You only pay for the services you use with Junk Removal Authority, and you have a business that is 100% locally owned, and 100% yours. Since you’re not stuck with us long term, that really motivates us and forces us to make sure we provide awesome service to you. If we’re providing great service, then stay with us. But if we don’t, you can leave. There’s nothing holding you back.


When you purchase the complete business package from Junk Removal Authority, you’re not only getting the manuals, and the checklist, and the timeline, and just a complete overview of what all needs to be done to get your business up and running. You’re actually getting a partner that is going to be with you through that entire process. We actually take care of the majority of it. Most of the stuff, we’re going to help with. We are going to help get your website design for you. We’re going to set up your initial marketing, you AdWords campaign, Search Engine Optimization. We’re going to help you design a logo and choose a business name for your business. We’re going to help you do your initial hiring. We’re going to come with you on site and help you hire your initial team members, and help you train your initial team members, and of course we’re going to be training you. You come on site to Junk Doctors’ Raleigh office, and we’re actually going to let you run Junk Doctors for a day. Show you what needs to be done, that way, on your very first day of operation, you have that knowledge to run a junk removal company – something that took us three years to really learn. You’re going to learn that on your very first day. We’re here for you right from the idea, to opening day at Junk Removal Authority.