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Hey guys I hope everybody is doing great today. It’s a 4:43 Tuesday afternoon. Just left the office, heading towards the house. Took a lot of work left this evening. We’re going to get an episode of Junk Removal Made Simple recorded. I believe this one is going to be owned disposal of items. Should you sell them? Should you dump them? Should you recycle them? Should you donate them? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in different stages. You know what stage you are in? Your business is going to determine that as well. So, that would be what we are going to talk about at Junk Removal Made Simple.

I’ve got a call with a gentleman in Indiana area that potentially could be doing a business package with us. Got a call with a company and gentlemen in Nashville as well. His son-in-law could potentially be doing a business package with us. We got some follow up on a company working with. We’re working with Camowen out on the west coast in California. So, I still got a lot remaining. Get that video uploaded on YouTube. So, a lot of work left, but I just tried to beat the traffic out of the office and get on the house. That’s where the studios had to record that episode anyway.

So, what I want to talk to you briefly about before Junk Removal Made Simple episode is about when you recognize that you have a champion. A winner that works for you, you need to take care of them. So, for example just kind of a little background. We’ve had probably 150 different people work for us since we started Junk Doctors. That’s 6 years of operation. So, I mean a lot of these guys are kind of short-term. Others of 150 people, we’ve only had 4 guys. We’ve only ever had 4 guys that we said, these are smart guys. They’re hard working. They’re willing to come in, drop what they’re doing to help us out. What will be willing to work 60 to 70 hours a week if needed. They studied operations manuals. They do everything by the book, like it should be done. They’re doing their checklist. You know all the time with all of our guys “Do your checklist.” Why did you forget that tool? Why you didn’t check your tire pressure when you left and you had a tire blowout? Have you done that? That wouldn’t happen and it’s on your checklist. There’s a checklist that reminds you. So, when you find people that are willing to do it by the book, you need to take care of them. You need to pay them a bit more. So, for example, they need to be paid several dollars an hour more. If they’re taking a manager or supervisor role or something like that. Provide them with the car. You can literally for about 300 bucks a month, put them in a pretty nice car. You know, the nice thing about putting people in cars. One, they tend to appreciate that even more than a pay increase. Two, you’re also not having to pay social security and Medicare workers comp costs when you provide that. Get them a cellphone, get them a company cellphone and then thank them for their hard work and for what all they do. Involve them in the business as far as like the business end of the business. So, your financials and all of that. You know, if you’re comfortable with it and try to be comfortable with it. Get them involved. When they’re doing something, explain to them why we do this and then constantly be training them, easing them into something new. Truck maintenance to making the deposit. Scheduling jobs, just your entire over time. Educate them on every function you have in your business. Try and get a position of a managerial position, supervisory position something different. Try to reward them with a position that they really feel like they’re more than just labor. That they’ve earned a spot. They’re making more money.

Maybe they can set their schedule a bit more or something like that. I mean, there’s no telling what. They still need to be working hard, real hard. You know, harder than everybody else, but pay them better for it. Recognize their hard work. Involve them in your business and get them some benefits like I mean if you got healthcare care plan, put them on your healthcare plan. Get them a car and cellphone. Anything else you can, you can really imagine. Then on the birthday, send them a birthday message, Christmas and thanksgiving. You may do that with all of your employees, but especially do it with your team members that are the most effective. They’re few and far between. Six years in operation, 150 different team members. We’ve had four, of those three are still here.

We had four extremely good team members. Now, everybody works for us. Everybody that works for us for any length of time is a hard worker and they’re probably good guys, but they’re not just passionate. Extremely passionate about what they’re doing and doing a good job. They look at this as a job either in college or just an interim job in between jobs. When you find those ones that approach it, either looking at it as a career or that they just anything they do, they want to exceed on. You reward those guys because they’re few and far between and they make running your business so much easier. Reward them as best as you can. Junk Removal Made Simple coming up here in a bit. Call me, our office is +1 919-466-9322. If you got any questions at all, hit me up on [email protected]. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Just hit 50 subscribers, which is pretty daggum pathetic. Fifty subscribers, pretty pathetic but we’re trying hard. We’re trying to put out as much great content as we can out there and more people subscribe if we keep putting out great content. Thanks everybody. We’ll talk to you here in just a bit.