what is the junk removal
business package

what is the junk removal
business package

The Junk Removal Business Package is the premiere startup package for the Junk Removal Industry, combining excellent support and training without any long term commitment to a franchisor. JRA is not a franchise. You have your very own business and we support and assist you in setting up and running your new company. Take advantage of the systems that built Junk Doctors into a $2 Million-a-year business. Use our proven systems to start your business, advertise, manage your people and equipment, and increase you personal success and freedom. That’s the JRA way.

Why Start a Junk
Removal Company ?

Summary of what the package includes: assistance choosing a name, opening procedures checklist/timeline, complete operations manuals, business checklists and forms, complete website and first month of hosting, Google Ads setup and first month of hosting, Virtual training for bookkeeping and other tasks, assistance choosing a truck, three to five days of hands-on training at Junk Doctors of Raleigh, assistance setting pricing, assistance with quoting jobs for one month, one year consulting, and more.

Low Fixed Costs

Your main fixed costs will be rent for a storage unit or flex space and a vehicle payment.

Limited Technical Skills Required

This makes it relatively easy to find, hire, and replace employees.

Ability to Run Without You

The JRA Way is all about helping you build a business that doesn’t rely on you. While you’ll still have to do some management, you won’t be required to be on the truck all the time. And if you so choose, it isn’t difficult to hire a manager for the day-to-day operations. With the optional call center and dispatch management that JRA can provide, you’ll have a business where you can feel at ease taking time off or going on vacation. That’s a cornerstone of the JRA Way.

Recession Resistant

When the next recession happens - which is a matter of “when” and not “if” - Junk Removal businesses are well-positioned for success. Junk Doctors started in the midst of the Great Recession and produced an average growth rate of over 50 percent year-to-year. When recessions happen, foreclosures happen. People need a Junk Removal service when they’re preparing a foreclosed home for auction. In fact, because of the nature of the industry, many Junk Removal companies actually do better during recessions.

Expanding Market

The Junk Removal market produces $4 Billion in transactions per year - and that number is continuously increasing. Americans are disposing of items at an ever-increasing rate and the Junk Removal industry is in the best position to take advantage of that.

Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

Typically you will earn back your startup costs within the first 18 months. And with increasing income and decreasing expense percentages over time, the ROI for Junk Removal is outstanding.

A Business that is Packaged to Sell

A successful Junk Removal company, run the JRA Way, can easily be sold for four times its profits. Building a Junk Removal business that profits over $100k within the first five years of operation is very possible, though not guaranteed. That means you could sell your business for around $400,000 plus the value of the assets the business owns. Not bad for a considerably smaller initial investment and five years of work (or very little work, if you used extensive JRA services or hired a manager).

Why Not Go It Alone ?

This one is easy. With JRA, you will know on day one the majority of what it took us five years to learn. Here’s what you’ll get when you choose the JRA Complete Business Package.

  • Start with a leg up. Gain access to all the knowledge and expertise we have gained over five years of building our company into a multi million dollar-a-year business. We know how to manage people and insurance, we understand what marketing strategies work, mistakes to avoid, and lots more.
  • Avoid costly mistakes. The value we bring to you is easily worth a few hundred thousand dollars in your first five years of operation. We’ll help you avoid missed business and lower your expenses – things we wish we’d known how to do from the get-go.
  • Use a proven business model. Though hauling junk seems simple, there are many things that separate the “top dogs” from the “also ran.” Six years into building our company, we have 10 trucks and bring in over $2 Million per year. For comparison, one of our competitors has been in business for the same length of time, but just added a second truck and is doing around $250,000 in business. We have replicated our success in three different geographic areas.
  • Get on-demand expert support. With the JRA business package, you get personal, one-on-one consultation with the CEO – whenever you need it. There’s not a franchise in the world that will match that kind of service. Whatever problems arise, Lee has encountered them during the growth of Junk Doctors and can offer you guidance in forging your way ahead.

Why the JRA Way
Instead of a Franchise?

Immediate support, lower cost. Most people who choose to open a franchise do so to take away the learning curve and set themselves up for rapid success and growth. This is sound logic. However, the problem with Junk Removal franchising is that most of the support you need is at start up, and you pay for that support with an initial franchise fee - typically $50,000 or more.

No long-term commitment. But then you handcuff yourself to that franchisor for eternity, paying 10 or 15 percent of all the money you bring in. As you grow, you will rely less and less on the franchisor, yet you keep paying more and more. When you get to $1 Million a year you are going to need a dedicated, full-time dispatcher. Wouldn’t it make sense to have them answering and booking customer jobs too? Yet if you’re a franchise, you’re forced to continue using the franchisor’s call center, and forced to pay them $100,000 to $150,000 in royalties. With JRA you get all the initial support of a franchise with none of the long-term commitment. We offer a call center, dispatch management, ongoing consulting, and more - but you only use these services as you see fit.

One of the great things about many franchises is that you instantly get customers because of national name recognition. Think, Click-Fill-A or McDonald’s, 1-800-Got-Junk began franchising in 1999 and dozen dos Junk Removal companies have followed suit. When Got-junk first franchised, they sold them like crazy. They got massive amounts of attention too because it was such a novel idea. Got junked was dubbed “The McDonald’s of Junk Removal.” Following them were College Hunks and junk King. Then another dozen or so joined the fray. Now, however, there are very few available markets remaining for Got-junk. So you can’t get the only brand that actually has national name recognition.

When you choose the JRA Way, you own 100% of your business and your listed contact information includes a local phone number. This is HUGE in many markets throughout the country. People simply love dealing with businesses that are owned by local residents. They don’t like the idea of dealing with large, national brands that they often see as impersonal, uncaring, or greedy. Junk Doctors gets many jobs every week from people who say, “We looked up Got-Junk but saw you were local so decided to go with you.” Buying local is a thing and you can’t truthfully claim you are locally owned when you are with a franchise.

With JRA, you’ll also have complete control of your business and tremendous flexibility. With a franchise you’d have to get approval for almost any change you’d want to make. Special marketing campaign? Check with corporate. Pair a cleaning service with Junk Removal? Not without corporate approval. Send out a special holiday thank-you message to customers? Ho-ho-NO! Not without clearing it with corporate. The JRA Way allows you to use us for consulting if you so choose, but YOU always make the final choice on what you do with your business.

The JRA Way brings you the best of both worlds - You get all the guidance you need during start-up, but you have a business that is truly 100 percent yours.

What the Package Includes

  • Assistance with choosing a name: We will help you pick something that stands out and screams “local.”

  • Opening procedures checklist: Complete checklist and timeline for all opening items. Assistance and guidance provided in completing this list.

  • Complete Operations Manuals: Operations manuals contain everything required to run a Junk Removal business. Topics include quoting jobs, on the job procedures, human resources, item disposal/recycling, advertising, phone operations, and more.

  • All checklists and business forms: Every function of Junk Doctors has associated checklists to ensure consistent operations. You will get the paper checklist forms and have access to any electronic checklists JRA uses.

  • Complete website and first month of hosting: The JRA full website has been optimized and tested to ensure a high percentage of visitors are converted into booked clients. The site is content rich and loads quickly, which means it will perform well in search engine rankings.

  • AdWords set up and first month of AdWords hosting: JRA built Junk Doctors mainly from Google AdWords. Over the years the campaign has been constantly improved. It now converts jobs at a high percentage and has minimal wasted ad spend.

  • Virtual training for bookkeeping and other tasks: We’ll spend as much time as we need to cover any and all topics related to running a Junk Removal business - proper phone protocol and procedures, Quickbooks operation, using scheduling software, and more.

  • Three to five days of training at Junk Doctors of Raleigh: See how Junk Doctors conducts their daily business, tour the call center/main office, get in-person training on business functions and an introduction to truck maintenance, work on the truck, quote jobs, and more.

  • Assistance with choosing a truck: JRA can provide guidance on purchasing a quality truck with the right features for your situation.

  • Assistance with setting pricing: JRA will help you evaluate your market, predict expenses, and estimate income in order to properly set prices.

  • After opening, assistance with quoting jobs for one month. Simply take pictures or videos on site and we will assist you with quoting jobs.

  • One year of consulting: Unlimited amount of consulting time to answer any and all business questions for one year from the day of opening.