Franchise systems were a decent way to get into junk removal. Now, there's a better alternative that's free from the ongoing royalties and constraints of a franchise.

No National Name Recognition

No franchises with national
name recognition are widely available.

Ongoing Royalties

When you buy into a franchise system, you commit to paying a long-term royalty of 7-15 percent of all income you bring in for as long as you operate your business.

People love buying local!

Many people will realize that you are part of what they consider a national brand. You miss out on a lot of customers who would prefer to use local companies.

Franchises aren't flexible

Franchises aren’t flexible.


Franchises often do not allow you to add service offerings that may work well in your region but not in others around the country. Franchises often say “no” to extra services like snow removal and heavy demolition. With JRA, you can customize your offerings to your geographic area – and your areas of expertise.

You HAVE to pay for their services even
when you no longer need them:

As your business grows, you become less and less dependent on support from the franchisor. Yet even as you rely less on franchise services, you still have to pay for them – all while continuing to shell out a percentage of your income in fees. Making moves to cut costs and increase business (for example, hiring a full-time bookkeeper who also takes call during business hours) becomes impossible when you’re still forced to use a corporate call center. On the other hand, JRA offers on-demand services, so you only pay for them if and when you need them.